Within the vibrant tapestry of Formula 1's elite, Pierre Gasly's narrative is especially compelling. As he rejoins the conversation on F1 Beyond The Grid, a significant amount of water has passed under the bridge since his last appearance in 2018. Tom Clarkson is set to delve into a wealth of new chapters in Gasly's career.

The saga of Gasly's journey is marked by an array of peaks and valleys, from the sting of parting ways with Red Bull to the profound loss of his dear companion, Anthoine Hubert, and the subsequent ascent to his maiden Grand Prix triumph.

Now, as Gasly dons the colors of Alpine, he unpacks the complexities of his inaugural season with the team. He offers insights into his dynamic with fellow Frenchman Esteban Ocon and outlines his ambitions as he looks toward the 2024 season horizon.

Moreover, listeners will get a personal glimpse into the camaraderie shared among competitors as Gasly recounts the memorable occasion of dining with the grid's drivers during Sebastian Vettel’s farewell in Abu Dhabi, among other captivating anecdotes.

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