In 1984, Martin Brundle and Ayrton Senna both made their debuts in Formula 1, following a fierce rivalry for the 1983 British Formula 3 title. Despite their close competition in junior racing, their paths in F1 diverged dramatically. Senna soared to legendary status with three World Championships, while Brundle’s 12-year F1 journey was notably affected by severe injuries sustained in his ninth Grand Prix.

In the latest episode of F1 Beyond The Grid’s LEGENDS series, Martin Brundle joins Tom Clarkson to recount the harrowing crash that almost cost him his foot and profoundly impacted his career. Brundle also delves into the disqualification of Tyrrell Racing during his rookie season, his experiences as a newcomer to F1, the contrasting styles of Schumacher and Senna, his insights on Adrian Newey's future, and his views on F1's global prominence. Tune in for an in-depth conversation that spans the highs and lows of Brundle’s career and offers unique perspectives on the sport.

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