Max Verstappen celebrated his 50th win in Formula 1 while Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc faced disqualifications over technical issues with their vehicles. In another milestone, Marta García emerged as the first F1 Academy victor.

The US Grand Prix in Austin was nothing short of spectacular. Joining the post-race discussion are Tom Clarkson, racing legend Damon Hill, and FIA stewards' chairman, Tim Mayer.

Together, they delve into the nuances of Verstappen's challenging triumph, the silver linings Mercedes can discern despite Hamilton's lost second place, a commendable finish for McLaren, and a roller-coaster day for Aston Martin.

Besides Verstappen, insights are also shared by George Russell, Pierre Gasly, Alex Albon, Valtteri Bottas, and the dynamic Haas Team Leader, Guenther Steiner.

Additionally, Tom catches up with Marta García, diving into what her recent F1 Academy achievement could spell for her upcoming endeavours.

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