Main straight of the circuit of the Amercas near Austin

Main straight of the circuit of the Amercas near Austin

Event: USA Grand Prix
Track: Circuit of Americas

Beneath you'll find the starting grid for the 2016 USA Formula 1 grand prix that will be held today. The start of the race is at 21:00 hours (CET).

Both Mercedes drivers again will have an important start today. Hamilton in front of 2016 F1 champions leader Nico Rosberg. Daniel Riccardo told us yesterday during the press conference that he hopes his super soft tyres will have an extra bite to pass both Mercedes drivers at the first corner.

If the track will be dry the first ten cars will start on the following tyre compounds:

2016 US Grand Prix Tyre Compounds

Grid pos.Car no.TeamDriversTyre compound
144MercedesLewis HamiltonSoft (yellow)
26MercedesNico RosbergSoft (yellow)
33Red BullDaniel RiccardoSupersoft (red)
433Red BullMax VerstappenSoft (yellow)
57FerrariKimi RaikkonenSupersoft (red)
65FerrariSebastian VettelSupersoft (red)
727Force IndiaNico HulkenbergSupersoft (red)
877WilliamsValteri BottasSupersoft (red)
919WilliamsFelipe MassaSupersoft (red)
1055Toro RossoCarlos SainzSupersoft (red)

F1 grid 2016 USA GP

f1 starting grid 2016 usa f1 gp

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