McLaren has reclaimed its place at the forefront of Formula 1's winners' circle, yet their journey toward ultimate success is ongoing.

Since assuming leadership in 2018, CEO Zak Brown has directed a significant overhaul both within the team and in its operations, propelling their development forward significantly in the past year.

The highlight of this transformation is undoubtedly Lando Norris's first-ever Grand Prix win in Miami, a triumph that represents the fruit of extensive efforts to reverse their fortunes following a disappointing start to the previous season that saw them lagging behind.

What steps must McLaren now take to consistently secure victories and vie for the World Championship?

During a conversation in Miami, Zak shared with Tom Clarkson his strategies for fostering a culture of success at McLaren. He discussed the implications of Norris's win for his own future and that of the team, his views on Oscar Piastri's potential to rival Norris, his thoughts on bringing his good friend Adrian Newey into the fold, among other insights.

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