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The F1 weight-watchers with Scarbs by Peter Windsor

After decades of designing cars below the minimum weight limit with added ballast, today’s F1 engineers are suddenly facing a new..

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21 Apr 2022

Scarbs pre-Imola analysis by Peter Windsor

Craig Scarborough in this video unlocks the secrets behind the Ferrari F1-75. Some of it is aero/chassis; some of it is the power unit. In..

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21 Apr 2022

A Ferrari 1-2 in F1 Bahrain & bonus Scarbs by Peter Windsor

Ferrari made a glorious return to the podium in Bahrain, with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz scoring the team’s first one-two..

22 Mar 2022

The F1 Midfield Battle with Scarbs update by Peter Windsor

New cars, some new car-driver combinations – and an ultra-competitive midfield patch on which to play: in the build-up to this..

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17 Mar 2022

Post F1 testing update with Scarbs by Peter Windsor (2/3)

In the second of our post-Bahrain test updates, Craig Scarborough assesses the new Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren-Mercedes. Red Bull looked..

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16 Mar 2022

2022 Mercedes F1 test analysis Scarbs & Windsor

With F1 pre-season testing now over, Craig Scarborough joins Peter Windsor in the Knockout TV studio with the first of his analyses –..

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13 Mar 2022

2022 Alfa Romeo C42 analysis with Scarbs & Windsor

Alfa’s Barcelona test camo delivery hasn’t deceived Craig Scarborough: in this video Craig analyses the latest F1 C42 from Alfa..

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3 Mar 2022

Alpine A522 F1 car analysis with Scarbs & Windsor

With Alpine-Renault running a very different centreline cooling concept in 2021, it was always going to interesting to see how the famous..

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1 Mar 2022

2022 Red Bull RB18 F1 car analysis by Scarbs & Windsor

Craig Scarborough details the new Red Bull RB18, livery-launched last week but on rapid display over the past few days at the Barcelona..

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25 Feb 2022

2022 Williams FW44 F1 car analysis by Scarbs & Windsor

The Williams FW44-Mercedes, to be driven in 2022 by Alex Albon and Nicholas Latifi, is amongst the most radical of the new-generation F1..

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24 Feb 2022

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