Fear is something F1 drivers don’t often admit to feeling. Pedro Diniz does. In his 98 Grands Prix during the 1990s, the Brazilian experienced the highs of hard earned top-six points finishes, and was a match for teammates Jean Alesi and Damon Hill. But, as he tells Tom Clarkson in a rare interview, lucky escapes from a fireball in Argentina and an upside-down car in Germany left a deep impression.

‘The biggest challenge was really the challenge of my mind’, Pedro says. How do fear and the immense pressure of racing in Formula 1 affect a drivers’ performance? How can meditation and yoga help a racer go faster? Pedro tells all. He also remembers first encounters with Kimi Raikkonen and Rubens Barrichello at the very start of their racing careers, and explains his post-racing passion for producing organic food. Sebastian Vettel is among the people who are very interested in what Pedro’s doing today on his farm in Brazil.

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