Tom Clarkson, Sky Sports' Natalie Pinkham, former GP2 champion Davide Valsecchi, and Brazilian F1 journalist Julianne Cerasoli gather to break down the thrilling 2024 Austrian Grand Prix.

The battle between F1's top two drivers for the lead was intense, resulting in dramatic consequences. What impact will this have on the dynamic between Max Verstappen and Lando Norris, both on and off the track?

George Russell seized the moment amidst the chaos to clinch an unexpected victory. What strategic moves allowed him to capitalize on the situation?

In this episode, we also delve into other key topics: What caused Lewis Hamilton's challenging weekend? Are Ferrari now trailing behind Mercedes? How did Haas manage a double points finish? And why are Aston Martin facing difficulties?

Tune in for an in-depth discussion on these pressing issues and more.

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