Jun.8 - Former F1 driver Alexander Rossi says it's a "cop out" for drivers like Max Verstappen to dismiss the Indy 500 on safety grounds.

Before former Sauber driver Marcus Ericsson won the fabled oval race recently, world champion Max Verstappen said he has "no desire" to follow in his wheel tracks.

"I appreciate what they do - it's insane," said the Dutchman.

"I have a lot of respect for what they achieve but for me, I don't need to risk my life there and potentially injure myself. It's just not worth it anymore, let's say it like that."

Other drivers, including Lando Norris, Sergio Perez and Carlos Sainz all agreed with Verstappen.

"I was that guy as well," American Rossi, who was active for a time during F1's Caterham and Marussia era, told the Sky program Any Driven Monday.

"I think, when you are on a trajectory for Formula 1 and your entire world revolves around F1, it's a sad state in the sense that other racing really doesn't exist to you," he said.

"I was the same way - I knew what the Indy 500 was but I didn't ever really pay attention to it. But then, when you come and you have the opportunity to do it, it truly is an incredibly special event."

Rossi, 30, thinks that while Verstappen may have a point about the safety argument, it's still a "cop-out".

"In a sense it's more dangerous maybe, but we had four crashes and we didn't have any cars splitting in half," he said.

"You can't say that about Monaco, right? I think the safety argument is kind of a cop-out."

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Rossi knows Verstappen's last Indy argument is a 'cop out'

  1. smokey

    History tells us that in times passed the Indianapolis 500 counted toward the F1 World Championship, however, the American drivers who competed in that event rarely competed in any other F1 events!
    America is the home of racing for Indycars, Nascar, World of Outlaws, sprint cars, midgets, late model sedans and guess what ~ they are all speedway style racing events. Americans have little interest in road racing style events that Europeans and the rest of the world love. Road racing is neither their culture nor tradition and there are speedway events held right across America every weekend.

  2. Donalf

    Correct me if I'm wrong,, Maxi don't seem to be Maxi anymore, he's lost the aggression since last season and I dont think it's the seven penalty points that he's got. Hes matured, beating Hamilton last year fulfilled his dream what more does he have to do. The indy 500 I don't think is any more dangerous than f1 maybe Maxi jus t don't feel the need for the race get the feeling he's happy 😊 with what he's got.

  3. shroppyfly

    He didnt sign a contract extension to " not be bothered anymore", its a long season dnfs and crashes will count, last yr was different

    Engine usage wize Max is in excellent shape compared to Ferrari


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