Aug.9 - Renault has declared itself opposed to proposals to ditch the basic V6 architecture of Formula 1 engines for the new period after 2025-2026.

Red Bull, who are taking over Honda's engine operations from next year, are pushing for a "completely new engine" - reportedly in a potential bid to attract the backing of Volkswagen.

"We are in favour of a completely new engine, because the intellectual rights to the Honda will expire in 2025," Dr Helmut Marko told Speed Week.

"We are against the costly downsizing of the current engine and against the MGU-H, which is of no use for road cars."

Amid rumours that Red Bull, VW and even Ferrari are leaning towards a four-cylinder engine concept, Marko said the important thing is that the 2025 unit is "high-revving with a strong noise for racing".

He also thinks the new engine formula should cost "less than 100 million annually, and less than one million per unit".

"The current engines are well above that," said the Austrian. "There should also be cost savings through standardisation of turbochargers, KERS, batteries and so on."

Marko does not even hide that the "Volkswagen Group is involved in the talks with a focus on one brand", with the next meetings said to be taking place at Monza.

Fascinatingly, Ferrari is also backing the idea of an all-new engine, with a source at Maranello telling Auto Motor und Sport: "We are open to a new start with a four-cylinder".

It is believed the Red Bull-VW-Ferrari concept is also open to four-wheel drive technology - but standing clearly opposed are Renault and Mercedes.

"It makes little sense for us to come up with a concept that sells three companies out in order to gain a new one," said Alpine technical boss Marcin Budkowski.

"If we have CO2-neutral fuel, we don't need a four cylinder," he insists. "Why reinvent the wheel?"

Budkowski also said the four-wheel drive idea would mean "massive modifications to the car, more weight, and more costs".

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7 F1 Fan comments on “Renault against new four cylinder F1 engine and 4x4 future ideas

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    "Budkowski also said the four-wheel drive idea would mean "massive modifications to the car, more weight, and more costs".

    The cost of knobby tires alone will bankrupt several teams. LOL

    • Oldtwit

      I wish there was a smile button on here not just a thumbs up or down, but it all about money, how can VW pop in to F1 and expect everyone to change what has been done for years ???
      But it will all come down to money as per usual......

      • shroppyfly

        Thats sorta fair comment , but at some stage they also must have agreed a v6 was the best way forward, and look how cheaply that worked out...!!!

  2. Edward Seaton

    Just about the only thing they could do to the current engines to make them less appealing is reduce the cylinder count.

    So of course that is what these fools will go and do.

  3. shroppyfly

    i still cant weigh alpine up , they say the sales figures are good for the "alpine" but esp in Europe they are atrocious, and correct me if im wrong but if Alpine f1 is to promote Alpine road cars, which is a one model brand....., With a ""4 CYLINDER ENGINE"" to me there whole marketing approach and long term goals are way off.

    • ReallyOldRacer

      So that's it, we're down to discussing the Alpine nameplate's sales future? Renault overall has bombed in the US TWICE and guaranteed there is not a soul who even knows what is Alpine, BMW Alpina maybe, but Renault?.....huh uh. So where are the sales figures good, Tasmania?

      AND zilch F1 news. I did read an article on how to become a garage and tire tech, and I understand that Albon is interested in IndyCar. I HATE summer break even more than winter. I'd even take a RUS to MB announcement. At least Jaxwad might write another poem. smh

  4. shroppyfly

    At least Roman did ok at the weekend, ahhh see what you did there Alpina or Alpine.when i hear Alpine it reminds me of Muesli or Goats as for Jax, i doubt well hear anything from him , only crayons in a secure unit im afraid

    Apparently they sold 4376 units in 2019 w/w, compared to 22000 porsche caymans w/w


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