May 6 - Aston Martin boss Mike Krack now admits the team is evaluating the possibility of signing Adrian Newey.

Earlier in Miami, Krack said when asked about rumours of Aston Martin's interest in the departing Red Bull technical guru: "We are quite happy with our technical team and we continue with them."

However, 65-year-old Newey was then spotted in conversation with Aston Martin's billionaire owner Lawrence Stroll in the Miami paddock.

Krack then slightly modified his response to the Newey question when asked by the Spanish broadcaster DAZN on Sunday.

"I think that as Aston Martin it is important to have our own path," he said. "With the people and the team we have.

"We want to build our success and fight against the strongest. Obviously, if someone of this calibre is available, you have to consider them and value them.

"It's something that we have to evaluate in detail - what they can contribute, the drawbacks, all of that," the German added.

Fascinatingly, James Vowles revealed in Miami that he has had "a light conversation" about Newey potentially joining Williams.

"I think it could fit very perfectly for someone that wants to potentially dig into a challenge," he said. "I think anyone here would be foolish not to at least open some conversation with him."

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