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Aston Martin Faces Aerodynamic Setbacks Amid Intense F1 Season

Jun.14 – Team boss Mike Krack admits Aston Martin is “far behind the plan” with performance progress in 2024 so far. Last..

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14 Jun 2024

Future of Lance Stroll at Aston Martin in Question?

Jun.8 – A question-mark is continuing to hang over the future in Formula 1 of Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll. With teammate..

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8 Jun 2024

Italian Powerplay: Aston Martin Eyes Binotto for Team Principal?

May 22 – Former Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto could return to Formula 1 with Aston Martin. Italian Binotto, who was replaced by..

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22 May 2024

Aston Martin’s Forward Momentum: Krack Stands Firm on Last Upgrades

May 21 – Mike Krack insists Aston Martin will not be hitting reverse gear on the Formula 1 team’s latest major car upgrade...

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21 May 2024

Lance Stroll Faces F1 Rivals’ ‘Disrespect’ Says Aston Martin Chief

May 16 – Rival Formula 1 teams are often “disrespectful” and “unfair” to Lance Stroll. That’s the claim..

16 May 2024

Sauber-Audi Spokesman Defends F1’s Exclusionary Policies

May 14 – Formula 1, not the US congress, should be in full control of which teams are permitted to race at the pinnacle of..

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14 May 2024

Aston Martin Boss Set to Evaluate Newey’s Job Offer

May 6 – Aston Martin boss Mike Krack now admits the team is evaluating the possibility of signing Adrian Newey. Earlier in Miami,..

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6 May 2024

F1 Contemplates Radical Overhaul: Every Finisher Scores Championship Points

May 4 – It’s possible the proposal to tweak the points system in Formula 1 could be even more radical than first thought. At..

4 May 2024

Alonso’s Shadow: Stroll’s Actions Under Fire After Ricciardo Incident

Apr.22 – The pressure is piling on the shoulders of Lance Stroll. Daniel Ricciardo, struggling to hang onto his Formula 1 career,..

22 Apr 2024

Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll Faces Uncertain Formula 1 Future

Apr.19 – A question mark is hanging over Lance Stroll’s future in Formula 1. Aston Martin has just inked a new contract for..

19 Apr 2024

Aston Martin’s Krack: Alonso Eyes 2025 Stay and Rejects Mercedes

Apr.9 – Mike Krack is upbeat about the rising prospects of a contract extension for Fernando Alonso beyond 2024. The Spaniard has..

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9 Apr 2024

Spanish Official Criticizes FIA for Alonso ‘Brake Test’ Penalty

Mar.27 – One of the highest ranking Spanish motor racing officials has slammed the highly controversial penalty levied against..

27 Mar 2024

Alonso’s Return? Mercedes Eyes Veteran Ace Amid Hamilton’s Ferrari Move

Mar.1 – Mike Krack, boss of the Aston Martin team, says he is determined to convince Fernando Alonso to sign another contract for..

1 Mar 2024

Krack’s Confession: Aston Martin’s Future Plan for Alonso & Stroll

Feb.13 – Aston Martin has no plans to shuffle Lance Stroll towards the exit door. It is well known that, after Lewis Hamilton fired..

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13 Feb 2024

Mike on, Mike on… | Episode Two

Before signing off from 2023, Mike brings the festive cheer as he reacts to I / AM members’ replies to his exclusive ‘Mike..

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22 Dec 2023

Alonso Compared to Federer and Rossi in Aston Martin F1 Contract Talks

Nov.26 – Mike Krack took a small step back after declaring earlier in Abu Dhabi that he wants to extend Fernando Alonso’s Aston..

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26 Nov 2023

Mercedes Sets Strict Vegas Casino Ban for F1 Team Ahead of GP

Nov.13 – Mercedes will not allow its F1 team staff to spend their downtime at the Las Vegas casinos this week, Toto Wolff has..

13 Nov 2023

Aston Martin Boss Speaks Out on Sprint Race Squeeze in F1 Calendar

Nov.9 – Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack has voiced his reservations about the demanding nature of the modern Formula 1 race..

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9 Nov 2023

Stroll’s F1 commitment wavers amid Aston Martin’s season of ups and downs

Nov.2 – One of Fernando Alonso’s team colleagues and long-time friends has slammed wild rumours linking the Spaniard with a..

2 Nov 2023

Alonso’s Insights: What Went Wrong with Aston Martin’s F1 Upgrades?

Oct.24 – Aston Martin has played down suggestions the team is now consistently going backwards despite constant efforts to add..

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24 Oct 2023

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