JJ Lehto (Jyrki Järvilehto) F1 stats & info

JJ Lehto (Jyrki Järvilehto) F1 stats & info

NameJyrki Järvilehto
CountryFinland Finland
Place of BirthEspoo
Date of BirthJan 31st 1966 - 57 years old
Season Entries6
Car Number6
First Race1989 Spanish F1 GP
Last Race1994 Australian F1 GP
Best Qualifying4th - 1994 Spanish F1 GP
Best Result3th - 1991 San Marino F1 GP
First Podium1991 San Marino F1 GP
Last Podium1991 San Marino F1 GP

Jyrki Järvilehto F1 Stats

Race Entries69
Race Starts62
Race Wins0
Pole Positions0
Fastest Laps0
Podiums1 (1,4%)
Points Finishes4 (5,8%)
Retirements44 (63,8%)
Total Points10
Total Laps2.802



JJ Lehto (Jyrki Järvilehto) Final Championship Results



JJ Lehto (Jyrki Järvilehto) F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1994 Italy Benetton
Switzerland Sauber
1993 Switzerland Sauber Sauber160000067800.315
1992 Italy Dallara Ferrari150000087000.000
1991 Italy Dallara Judd160011059600.254
1990 Italy Onyx Ford50000022200.000
1989 Italy Onyx Ford2000004700.000



JJ Lehto (Jyrki Järvilehto) F1 GP Race Classifications

3th1 Time
4th1 Time
5th1 Time
6th1 Time
7th4 Times
8th5 Times
9th6 Times
10th2 Times
11th3 Times
12th2 Times
13th2 Times
DNF33 Times
NC1 Time
DNPQ1 Time
DNQ6 Times


JJ Lehto (Jyrki Järvilehto) F1 GP Race Results

6919941994 Australian F1 GP6SauberMercedes17100
6819941994 Japanese F1 GP6SauberMercedes15DNFEngine0
6719941994 Portuguese F1 GP5BenettonFord14DNFSpun off0
6619941994 Italian F1 GP5BenettonFord2090
6519941994 Canadian F1 GP6BenettonFord2061
6419941994 Spanish F1 GP6BenettonFord4DNFEngine0
6319941994 Monaco F1 GP6BenettonFord1770
6219941994 San Marino F1 GP6BenettonFord5DNFCollision0
6119931993 Australian F1 GP30SauberSauber12DNFAccident0
6019931993 Japanese F1 GP30SauberSauber1180
5919931993 Portuguese F1 GP30SauberSauber1270
5819931993 Italian F1 GP30SauberSauber13DNFCollision0
5719931993 Belgian F1 GP30SauberSauber990
5619931993 Hungarian F1 GP30SauberSauber15DNFEngine0
5519931993 German F1 GP30SauberSauber18DNFSpun off0
5419931993 British F1 GP30SauberSauber1680
5319931993 French F1 GP30SauberSauber18DNFGearbox0
5219931993 Canadian F1 GP30SauberSauber1170
5119931993 Monaco F1 GP30SauberSauber11DNFAccident0
5019931993 Spanish F1 GP30SauberSauber9DNFEngine0
4919931993 San Marino F1 GP30SauberSauber164Engine3
4819931993 European F1 GP30SauberSauber7DNFHandling0
4719931993 Brazilian F1 GP30SauberSauber7DNFElectrical0
4619931993 South African F1 GP30SauberSauber652
4519921992 Australian F1 GP21DallaraFerrari24DNFGearbox0
4419921992 Japanese F1 GP21DallaraFerrari2290
4319921992 Portuguese F1 GP21DallaraFerrari19DNFPhysical0
4219921992 Italian F1 GP21DallaraFerrari1411Engine0
4119921992 Belgian F1 GP21DallaraFerrari1670
4019921992 Hungarian F1 GP21DallaraFerrari0DNQNo Time0
3919921992 German F1 GP21DallaraFerrari21100
3819921992 British F1 GP21DallaraFerrari19130
3719921992 French F1 GP21DallaraFerrari1790
3619921992 Canadian F1 GP21DallaraFerrari2390
3519921992 Monaco F1 GP21DallaraFerrari2090
341992San Marino Grand Prix21DallaraFerrari1611Engine0
3319921992 Spanish F1 GP21DallaraFerrari12DNFSpun Off0
3219921992 Brazilian F1 GP21DallaraFerrari1680
3119921992 Mexican F1 GP21DallaraFerrari780
3019921992 South African F1 GP21DallaraFerrari24DNFGearbox0
2919911991 Australian F1 GP22DallaraJudd11120
2819911991 Japanese F1 GP22DallaraJudd12DNFAccident0
2719911991 Spanish F1 GP22DallaraJudd1580
2619911991 Portuguese F1 GP22DallaraJudd18DNFGearbox0
2519911991 Italian F1 GP22DallaraJudd20DNFOverheating0
2419911991 Belgian F1 GP22DallaraJudd14DNFOil Pressure0
2319911991 Hungarian F1 GP22DallaraJudd12DNFEngine0
2219911991 German F1 GP22DallaraJudd20DNFEngine0
2119911991 British F1 GP22DallaraJudd11130
201991French Grand Prix22DallaraJudd26DNFTyre0
1919911991 Mexican F1 GP22DallaraJudd16DNFEngine0
1819911991 Canadian F1 GP22DallaraJudd17DNFEngine0
1719911991 Monaco F1 GP22DallaraJudd21110
1619911991 San Marino F1 GP22DallaraJudd1634
1519911991 Brazilian F1 GP22DallaraJudd19DNFElectrical0
1419911991 USA F1 GP22DallaraJudd10DNFGearbox0
1319901990 Hungarian F1 GP36OnyxFord0DNQNo Time0
1219901990 German F1 GP36OnyxFord25NCNot Classified0
1119901990 British F1 GP36OnyxFord0DNQNo Time0
1019901990 French F1 GP36OnyxFord0DNQNo Time0
919901990 Mexican F1 GP36OnyxFord26DNFEngine0
819901990 Canadian F1 GP36OnyxFord22DNFEngine0
719901990 Monaco F1 GP36OnyxFord26DNFGearbox0
619901990 San Marino F1 GP36OnyxFord25120
519901990 Brazilian F1 GP36OnyxFord0DNQNo Time0
419901990 USA F1 GP36OnyxFord0DNQNo Time0
319891989 Australian F1 GP37OnyxFord17DNFElectrical0
219891989 Spanish F1 GP37OnyxFord17DNFGearbox0
119891989 Portuguese F1 GP37OnyxFord0DNPQNo Time0



JJ Lehto (Jyrki Järvilehto) F1 Podium Finishes

119911991 San Marino F1 GP22DallaraJudd1634



JJ Lehto (Jyrki Järvilehto) Teammate Comparison

YearTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPosQuali
1989OnyxStefan Johansson2130400001111
1990OnyxGregor Foitek1170000002314
Stefan Johansson28270000000000
1991DallaraEmanuele Pirro3641000061079
1992DallaraPierluigi Martini7602000010688
1993SauberKarl Wendlinger445700007988
1994BenettonJos Verstappen950200001102
Michael Schumacher6113603030404
SauberHeinz-Harald Frentzen1060100000202



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Lehto: Ferrari seat would boost Bottas' chances

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