Team Aston Martin Aramco Mercedes finished the 2022 Formula 1 Constructor Standings in a dismal joint-sixth place along with Alfa Romeo Ferrari, who both ended up with just 55 points.

The question being asked here is, with new investment and the right recruitment, could Aston Martin return to challenge the big three – Red Bull Racing RBPT, Ferrari, and Mercedes? Find out more right here.

What can Aston Martin do to challenge the big three?

In more than ten years of Formula 1 Racing, the only two teams that have won the F1 Championship are Red Bull and Mercedes. Ferrari usually ends up coming in third, so what can Aston Martin do to shake things up, challenge the ‘big three’, and become a proper contender?

One of their recent strategies in just one department was to create over 100 new technician jobs in a bid to produce an exciting new generation of sports cars. It is just one of many changes at the company that is being billed as a new chapter in the iconic motor company’s long 110-year history.

Aston Martin has a huge mountain to climb, and results will not happen overnight, so it’s a game of patience and waiting to see what will happen. They are currently financially stable, and with new money being invested, the tide could change in favour of Aston Martin over the coming years.

The other recent technique they have taken is to try and poach staff from rival teams, which they believe will improve their chances of seriously competing with Red Bull, Mercedes, and Ferrari.

A budget cap that each team can spend, likely to be introduced in the next couple of years, will also help Aston Martin bridge the gap. Also, a new Aston Martin factory with the latest manufacturing innovations will help them to deliver better cars. The company also plans to introduce even more exciting new changes over the coming years to help them become serious title challengers.

What are the bookmakers saying?

If you’re looking for licensed websites that offer live betting on Formula 1, one of the best sites you can turn to is the official Unibet website. It always has the latest F1 betting markets with competitive odds, and at the time of writing, the odds-on favourite to win the Constructors Championship F1 title is, once again, team Red Bull Racing.

For example, if you were to place a wager on them right now to win the F1 Constructors Championship outright, you would be looking at odds of around 4/5 in UK fractional odds, which means they have a 55.60% implied probability rate of winning. In European decimal odds, 4/5 is the same as 1.80, and in American/moneyline odds, it’s -125.

Therefore, if you were to put a $/€/£100.00 bet on with these odds, and you win, your total returns would be $/€/£180.00 (which includes your initial $/€/£100.00 stake returned and an $/€/£80.00 profit).

In comparison, Mercedes are priced at 7/5 (2.40, or 140) with a 41.70% chance of winning, making them the second odds-on favourite, and Ferrari are priced at 13/2 (7.50, or 6.50), with only a 13.30% chance of winning.

It’s even worse for Aston Martin, who are currently priced at 500/1 (501.00, or 50,000), with only a 0.20% chance of winning. In other words, for the current F1 season, Aston Martin has pretty much no chance of challenging the big 3.

Final note

Although the odds for Red Bull are looking fairly certain, anything can happen between now and the end of the season, so try and remember that despite the certain odds, no sports bet is ever guaranteed to return you a profit.






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