Here you can find the first photos of the VCARB 01, this F1 car was launched on Thurday 8th of February 2024. This car will be raced in the 2024 F1 season by the Japanese driver Yuki Tsunoda and Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo.

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3 F1 Fan comments on “2024 VCARB 01 F1 Car Launch Photos

  1. Les

    The only year that RIC won more than 2 races was 2014 when he won 3 races but only because something happened to both Merc cars , he did not beat them on merit. Unfortunately people do not remember that and only see the wins.
    The last year he was with Red Bull Max beat him convincingly.
    People still think he is a world beater but he is not. Liam Lawson is the future for Red Bull not Ricciardo but Horner loves Ricciardo.
    That was the same with Zak Brown who brought him to McLaren and look how tbat worked out.


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