1961 F1 Teams & Drivers Overview

1961 F1 Teams List: See all Constructors & Driver Line-up info

1961 Belgian F1 GP

1961 Formula 1 Entry List

Below you can find the overview of all drivers & teams that participated in the 1961 F1 season to run for the twelfth Formula 1 title in the drivers and constructors championship.

You can click on each driver and team to check out their dedicated page with all the info and statistics we know about them.

Formula One 1961 F1 World Championship
No. Driver Team Engine
-1 Argentina Juan Manuel Bordeu Team Lotus Climax
1 Australia Jack Brabham Cooper-Climax Climax
2 New Zealand Bruce McLaren Cooper-Climax Climax
2 United States Phil Hill Ferrari Ferrari
3 United States Hap Sharp Cooper-Climax Climax
4 United Kingdom Graham Hill BRM Climax
4 Germany Wolfgang von Trips Ferrari Ferrari
5 United Kingdom Tony Brooks BRM Climax
6 Belgium Willy Mairesse Ferrari Ferrari
6 United States Richie Ginther Ferrari Ferrari
6 United States Roger Penske Cooper-Climax Climax
7 United Kingdom Stirling Moss Team Lotus Climax
8 Mexico Ricardo Rodríguez Ferrari Ferrari
11 Sweden Jo Bonnier Porsche Porsche
11 Germany Hans Herrmann Porsche Porsche
12 United States Dan Gurney Porsche Porsche
14 United Kingdom Brian Naylor JBW Climax
14 United Kingdom Jim Clark Team Lotus Climax
15 United Kingdom Innes Ireland Team Lotus Climax
16 United Kingdom Tim Parnell Team Lotus Climax
16 United Kingdom Trevor Taylor Team Lotus Climax
16 United Kingdom Cliff Allison Team Lotus Climax
16 Canada Peter Ryan Team Lotus Climax
17 United States Jim Hall Team Lotus Climax
18 United Kingdom Gerry Ashmore Team Lotus Climax
18 United Kingdom John Surtees Cooper-Climax Climax
19 United Kingdom Roy Salvadori Cooper-Climax Climax
20 United Kingdom Henry Taylor Team Lotus Climax
21 Belgium Olivier Gendebien Team Lotus Climax
22 United States Masten Gregory Team Lotus Climax
23 United Kingdom Ken Miles Team Lotus Climax
26 United States Lloyd Ruby Team Lotus Climax
29 Switzerland Piero Monteverdi MBM Porsche
30 United Kingdom Ian Burgess Cooper-Climax Climax
30 United Kingdom Jack Fairman Cooper-Climax Climax
32 Italy Giancarlo Baghetti Scuderia Sant Ambroeus Ferrari
32 Belgium Lucien Bianchi Team Lotus Climax
33 South Africa Tony Maggs Team Lotus Climax
34 Italy Giorgio Scarlatti De Tomaso Osca
34 Italy Alfonso Thiele Cooper-Climax Climax
35 United Kingdom Geoff Duke Cooper-Climax Climax
37 United Kingdom Tony Marsh Team Lotus Climax
38 France Bernard Collomb Cooper-Climax Climax
39 United Kingdom John Campbell-Jones Cooper-Climax Climax
46 Germany Edgar Barth Porsche Porsche
48 France Maurice Trintignant Cooper-Climax Maserati
50 Italy Nino Vaccarella De Tomaso Alfa Romeo
52 Italy Roberto Lippi De Tomaso Osca
54 Italy Roberto Bussinello De Tomaso Alfa Romeo
54 United Kingdom Keith Greene Gilby Climax
56 Germany Wolfgang Seidel Team Lotus Climax
58 Italy Renato Pirocchi Cooper-Climax Maserati
58 Italy Massimo Natili Cooper-Climax Maserati
60 United States Walt Hansgen Cooper-Climax Climax
60 United Kingdom Jackie Lewis Cooper-Climax Climax
62 Italy Lorenzo Bandini Cooper-Climax Maserati
64 Italy Ernesto Prinoth Team Lotus Climax
66 Italy Menato Boffa Cooper-Climax Climax
68 Belgium André Pilette Emeryson Maserati
70 Switzerland Michael May Team Lotus Climax
72 Italy Gaetano Starrabba Team Lotus Maserati
74 Netherlands Carel Godin de Beaufort Porsche Porsche

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