Last week, Max Verstappen expressed to F1 Nation his strong desire to clinch the Japanese Grand Prix with a 20-second lead, following a challenging race in Singapore.

While he might not have achieved that precise margin, Verstappen showcased exceptional form throughout the Suzuka weekend, propelling Red Bull to another World Championship triumph.

F1 enthusiasts can tune in to insights from Tom Clarkson, Natalie Pinkham, and Damon Hill, who converse with Red Bull's Team Principal Christian Horner and Sporting Director Jonathan Wheatley, reviewing their sixth Constructors' crown.

Lando Norris had a clear message post the P2 session, stating, "We've got Red Bull in our sights." This came after McLaren celebrated their season's pinnacle achievement, with Oscar Piastri stepping onto his maiden F1 podium. Andrea Stella, McLaren's Team Principal, joins the session to shed light on the team's significant strides in 2023.

Additionally, insights from Aston Martin's chief, Mike Krack, Mercedes’ spokesperson Bradley Lord, and Alpine's racer Esteban Ocon are available for fans.

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