Nov.2 - One of Fernando Alonso's team colleagues and long-time friends has slammed wild rumours linking the Spaniard with a sensational departure from Aston Martin.

Alonso, 42, is already under contract for 2024, but it has been loudly whispered this week that he might be contemplating retirement - or a startling seat-swap with underperforming Red Bull racer Sergio Perez.

But Pedro de la Rosa, a former F1 driver who has worked alongside Alonso at McLaren, Ferrari and now as an ambassador at Aston Martin, slammed the rumours.

"Fernando is an Aston Martin driver," the 52-year-old Spaniard told the Movistar Plus program Vamos Sobre Ruedas.

"He is a very important asset for us and nothing is going to change," de la Rosa insisted.

"I don't know where these rumours came from - I don't know the source or what the objective is. Now is not even the right time - the 'silly season' is already over.

"I repeat that Fernando Alonso is an Aston Martin driver and the only objective is to focus exclusively on the three remaining races that are very important for next season," said de la Rosa.

"So don't worry - Fernando is staying."

At the same time, there are rumours that team owner Lawrence Stroll is disheartened with Formula 1 and his son Lance's struggles and may be considering a majority sale to title sponsor Aramco.

Team boss Mike Krack admitted after Mexico: "Lawrence is not happy, but we are not happy either. Nobody is happy.

"When you have such a good start to the season and then lose competitiveness, you are not happy. But we don't need Lawrence to tell us that.

"We are a strong team and we have to work together to get out of this situation," Krack added.

He also admitted that Alonso is not happy.

"He has won more than 30 races and has two titles, so if he's spinning then something is wrong. He is not happy so we have to give him a better car."

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3 F1 Fan comments on “Stroll's F1 commitment wavers amid Aston Martin's season of ups and downs

  1. smokey

    "Lawrence Stroll is disheartened with Formula 1 and his son Lance's struggles" ..... it's taken long enough for Lawrence to wake up to reality!
    IMO it would be a better option for Lawrence to sell the team and take a back seat. It is never going to be successful when you own a team in which your son is a competitor and is underperforming.
    Alonso is the only asset Aston has at the moment, and I can understand why he is exasperated with the way the team is managed.

    • smokey

      They took the smart option of setting their fast laps before the storm arrived! Most of the other teams suffered. However, no points are awarded for qualifying. Let's see what happens when it gets down to business in the real race when points are awarded.


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