Sep.12 - Formula 1 should consider a major rule change to end the confusion about where drivers line up on the starting grid ahead of grands prix.

As the 2022 season enters its final phase, recent grids have looked considerably different to the actual results of qualifying due to a flurry of grid penalties for engine component changes.

In F1, to keep costs under control, drivers are severely limited in the major engine components they can use for the full 23-race season.

2022 Used F1 Power Unit Elements

Power unit elements

For instance, each driver can only use three engines, three turbos, three MGU-H units, three MGU-K units, and two energy stores and two electronic units.

The most recent penalty shakeup at Monza moved Pierre Gasly to ask his fans on Twitter ahead of the Italian GP: "Can someone tell me in which position I will start tomorrow's race?"

Fellow Frenchman Esteban Ocon thinks Formula 1 needs to give the long-life engine rules an urgent rethink.

"Obviously no manufacturer is able to provide engines that can withstand so many races. We want too much. There are too many races," said the Alpine driver.

"We have been penalised twice already, others have been penalised even more. But it's not about us, it's about everyone.

"I think the rules for next season need to be revised to slightly increase the number of power unit elements that we can use," Ocon added.

Here you can check out current 2022 Used power unit elements by each driver.

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4 F1 Fan comments on “Ocon wants F1 to re-think rules for use of power unit elements

  1. CanadianEh

    It's all about money. The irony, of course, is that the F1 Corporation makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year, while restricting all teams to an arbitrary number of power-units and tranny's - to supposedly level the playing field. Yeah, right.

    Here are a bunch of over-paid bureaucrats - mostly of European descent - thinking they need more regulations and rules than the EU. Plus they know what's best for the teams and the fans. Well, I for one see no logic in shunting the fastest drivers to the back of he starting grid for making necessary changes to keep their rides on the road.

  2. Jere Jyrälä

    Increasing the upper limit for the number of PU elements permitted without a grid penalty wouldn't be the answer, as teams would continue to game the system regardless.

  3. Carl

    Many comment about the added entertainment value of mixed up grids
    Reversed grids have been mentioned
    Even wetting down tracks to produce artificial wet races have been mentioned as suggestions
    Then this happy circumstance occurs where engine penalties create the conditions that result in mixed grids
    Yes the top drivers still sometimes make it through to win or make a podium spot or surely score points
    But the passing the entertainment value some are asking for is provided
    Why then criticize the occurrence
    Like asking for the rules to be applied at race conclusions and then when that occurs there's criticism about rules being applied
    There were complaints about F1 budgets being too large they came up with the current engine usage system to satisfy that along with budget caps
    The pastime of F1 is criticism of F1
    We are all guilty
    But it's also OK to accept things even if they give us what we want


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