There is just one more race left to take place before the iconic Canadian Grand Prix takes center stage, although, for fans, this event will fly by as quickly as the likes of Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, and co. goes into and around the corners of each circuit of the Formula 1 season!

In this article, we will provide you with a detailed rundown of what the 2022 Canadian Grand Prix will look like in terms of scheduling, who could potentially be the favorite to obtain the No. 1 podium spot - despite the fact that the Azerbaijan GP is still to be raced - as well as taking a look at what has happened in previous editions of this race, as it has not been without its controversy in the past. By looking at previous editions, perhaps we will be able to attain an insight into what to expect later this month?

2022 Canada Grand Prix

For fans that follow racing, and those Canadians who have tickets to be in the stands come the racing weekend, it will be the first time that Formula 1 will be in Canada since the 2019 edition of the GP; one that ended in controversy and one that we will discuss a little later in this article!

Nonetheless, let’s take our eyes out of the rear-view mirror for a moment and look ahead…

Who is the favorite to win the race?

Naturally, with a two-year hiatus having been experienced, there is a lot of excitement regarding the upcoming Canadian GP from fans all over the country, let alone from the global scene.

Indeed, many have waited for so long to see their favorite drivers and teams compete in the Maple Leaf Country, and this year’s event could be even more special for many of them as there have been changes to the way that they can enjoy the action on the tarmac, especially in regard to sports betting activities.

Motorsport fans who are located in Ontario are now able to enjoy an enhanced sports betting experience after a recent ruling, although there is the possibility for many to get involved in the wagering activity that is possible. In fact, there are a number of Canadian betting sites that allow you to bet on your favorite racers for this year with each of them offering a number of competitive odds and markets for the upcoming 2022 Canada GP.

But, if you are interested in placing a wager, then who should you be considering as the potential winner of this year’s race? Well, whilst we still have the Azerbaijan GP to take place this coming weekend, we can still consider a couple of individuals.

Red Bull Racing pair Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez could be good options as they have both continued to be in the points this season and have looked rather brilliant, although Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc may feel he has a chance if his engine continues to hold up and power remains. Let’s not forget that Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton will also likely be in the conversation, especially as he won the last edition of the Canadian Grand Prix when it was held back in 2019.

2019 Canadian GP was not without controversy

If you remember what we said earlier, the last time this event took place it was surrounded by controversy following the conclusion of the race.

Lewis Hamilton may have won the race officially, however he had actually finished in second place after posting a time of 1:29:07.084 after starting on the grid in second at the beginning of the race. Viewers who watched the race saw Sebastian Vettel - who was racing for Ferrari at the time - win the race but was later penalized and hit with a five-second penalty after being deemed to have been found guilty of re-joining the track in an unsafe manner.

This event took place on the 48th lap as the maneuver performed by the German forced the British driver to go off the track. The penalty was then awarded in the 57th lap of the race. The penalty was appealed against, but the ruling remained upheld.

What is the 2022 Canada GP race schedule?

As mentioned above, the return of the Canadian Grand Prix to the F1 schedule has been a long time coming, therefore it would not be a surprise if we were to see the days between now and the day of the race disappear as fast as some of the world’s best drivers go through chicanes that can be found on a race track.

We already know that the race itself is scheduled to take place on June 19, although there is a number of events that will take place in Montreal before then. Here is the overall breakdown of the weekend:

  • Practice 1 - June 17
  • Practice 2 - June 17
  • Practice 3 - June 18
  • Qualifying - June 18
  • Race - June 19

Where does the race take place? Well, it will take place at a track that has been used since 1978, with the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve being used. The course distance is 4,361 km, which means drivers will be competing against each other over the course of 70 laps.

Final Thoughts

So, what can we expect to see in the upcoming 2022 F1 Canada Grand Prix?

Well, hopefully, a lot of interesting action and competitive racing. It has been two-long years since Canadians had the world’s biggest motorsport on their doorstep, and we can just hope that the event will be one that fans from all over the planet will be able to enjoy!

Do you already have thoughts on who could potentially end up being the champion of this race? Will Lewis Hamilton be able to capture the trophy two years after it was last held? Will we see one of the Red Bull Racing drivers win? Or, will we get someone else taking home the biggest prize? All we can guarantee, though, is that this race will be one that needs to be watched!

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2 F1 Fan comments on “How will this year's Canadian Grand Prix go down?

  1. CanadianEh

    The best place to be is in Stand 11 - it looks up the start-finish straight, corners 1 & 2, plus the first of three back straights. Always lots of action.

    Odds-on-favorites to win are either Mad Max, or the Chico Beast.

    If the engines last race distance, Chuck or Carl will be in third.

    If the Ferrari's cack, then Boi George will take third.

    Dame Lucille will likely be in the top-ten, or he may not even compete - depends on his back.

    Sadly, Quebec has implemented even more stringent language laws, prohibiting ALL english on signage everywhere. So, don't expect to hear english spoken, french only. Stupid Frogs. So 17th century!


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