Cooper Climax F1 information & statistics

Cooper Climax F1 statistics

Drivers' Titles2
Constructors' Titles2
Fastest Laps14
One/two finishes6

Cooper Climax F1 Team Drivers

Cooper Climax F1 Drivers Achievements

New Zealand Bruce McLaren64371020032473136.5
Australia Jack Brabham407121051885584
Austria Jochen Rindt28021301138034
Sweden Jo Bonnier27000001378012
France Maurice Trintignant25113501255131
United Kingdom Roy Salvadori22011201045019
South Africa Tony Maggs19021301043022
Switzerland Jo Siffert180000091609
United Kingdom John Surtees1511131551223
United States Masten Gregory1301120518010
United Kingdom Ian Burgess130000044500
United Kingdom Stirling Moss1230145608326
Belgium Lucien Bianchi100011039006
United States Phil Hill100000049302
United Kingdom Jackie Lewis90000027803
Mexico Pedro Rodríguez810010471015
United Kingdom Vic Elford80000038005
United Kingdom Alan Brown80000045802
France Guy Ligier70000039300
United Kingdom Tony Brooks60000023607
United Kingdom Ken Wharton60000031100
Belgium Olivier Gendebien501120274010
United Kingdom Mike Hawthorn500110295010
United Kingdom Jack Fairman50000015800
United Kingdom Eric Brandon50000023900
United Kingdom Henry Taylor50000033803
Italy Lorenzo Bandini40000014200
United Kingdom Bob Gerard40000031000
United Kingdom Chris Bristow40000011500
Zimbabwe John Love40101025806
Italy Gino Munaron30000011300
France Bernard Collomb3000001900
Italy Ludovico Scarfiotti30000016706
United Kingdom Brian Naylor3000004100
United Kingdom Brian Redman3001109904
Portugal Mario de Araujo Cabral30000010000
United States Harry Schell3000006800
Germany Wolfgang Seidel3000006800
Italy Giorgio Scarlatti2000009400
United States Richie Ginther20000010502
Italy Alfonso Thiele2000003200
United States Hap Sharp20000018400
United Kingdom Dick Gibson200000500
United Kingdom Peter Whitehead2000008300
Italy Renato Pirocchi2000003800
Belgium Jacky Ickx20000011101
United Kingdom Chris Lawrence2000008300
United Kingdom Tony Marsh2000003200
United Kingdom Colin Davis2000007500
France André Guelfi1000004800
Mexico Moisés Solana100000900
South Africa Alex Blignaut100000000
United States Timmy Mayer1000003100
United Kingdom Reg Parnell1000008200
United Kingdom Alan Rees1000007600
United States Chuck Daigh1000005800
Australia Paul England100000400
United Kingdom Jimmy Stewart1000007900
United Kingdom John Campbell-Jones100000000
Argentina Alessandro de Tomaso1000001300
Belgium Christian Goethals100000400
France Johnny Servoz-Gavin1000001400
United Kingdom Arthur Owen100000000
France François Picard1000003100
Netherlands Carel Godin de Beaufort1000006900
United Kingdom Rodney Nuckey1000001600
South Africa Mike Harris1000003100
United Kingdom Peter Ashdown1000006900
Italy Massimo Natili100000000
United Kingdom David Murray1000001400
United Kingdom Keith Greene1000001200
United Kingdom Richard Attwood1000008400
Argentina Roberto Bonomi1000007600
New Zealand Chris Amon1000004400
United Kingdom Ron Flockhart1000001100
United Kingdom John Taylor1000005600
Italy Menato Boffa100000000
France Robert La Caze1000004800
South Africa Basil van Rooyen1000002200
United Kingdom Tom Bridger1000003000
Italy Piero Drogo1000004500
South Africa David Clapham100000000
Argentina Adolfo Schewelm Cruz1000002000
Germany Hans Herrmann1000002100
United Kingdom Geoff Duke100000000
United Kingdom Ivor Bueb1000006900
United States Pete Lovely1000006900
United States Lance Reventlow100000000
United Kingdom Mike MacDowel1000006800
United Kingdom Bruce Halford1000004000
United Kingdom Horace Gould1000004400
Germany Edgar Barth100000300
United Kingdom John Barber1000009000
United States George Constantine100000500
United States Roger Penske1000009600
United Kingdom Mike Taylor1000001700
United Kingdom Robin Widdows1000003400
United Kingdom Vic Wilson1000002300
Switzerland Silvio Moser1000002900
Germany Wolfgang von Trips1000007200
United Kingdom John Rhodes1000003800
United Kingdom Tony Crook100000000
South Africa Trevor Blokdyk1000007700
United States Walt Hansgen1000001400

Cooper Climax F1 Team Achievements

Cooper Climax F1 Finish Positions

1st16 Times
2nd18 Times
3rd25 Times
4th27 Times
5th26 Times
6th29 Times
7th26 Times
8th27 Times
9th22 Times
10th14 Times
11th19 Times
12th13 Times
13th6 Times
14th6 Times
15th6 Times
20th1 Time
22nd1 Time
DSQ1 Time
NC12 Times
Ret205 Times
WD10 Times
DNQ23 Times
DNS7 Times

Cooper Climax F1 Championship Positions


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