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Mercedes team bosses review the 2022 F1 season

Reviewing a rollercoaster ride 🎢 Sitting down with Toto, Mike and Hywel to talk through the ups and downs of the 2022 F1 season

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29 Dec 2022

My 2022 F1 season in pictures by Kevin Magnussen

After making a shock return to the team in March, Kevin looks back over some of the most memorable moments of his entire F1 career, from..

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23 Dec 2022

Sainz admits Leclerc pushed him to new limits this year

Dec.20 – Carlos Sainz says Charles Leclerc’s pace in 2022 forced him to find new “limits” as a driver. The Spaniard..

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20 Dec 2022

Mercedes F1 Team 2022 F1 Season Debrief

A challenging season full of learning – both on and off the track 👀 James and Shov team up for one final @Akkodis debrief in 2022,..

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9 Dec 2022

What happened during the 2022 Formula 1 Season?

The 2022 Formula 1 season was filled with lots of twists and turns and featured some intriguing storylines. In this article, we are going..

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8 Dec 2022

What will we remember about the 2022 F1 season?

The much anticipated 2022 Formula One season has come to a close. Time to look back at the season. This year’s season was the start..

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Lewis and George’s F1 2022 Season Review!

“This is the one I remember the most” 😅 A trip down memory lane for Lewis and George as they talk through the highs and lows..

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29 Nov 2022

PODCAST | The Finale! Gasly & Tsunoda

It’s the final time we have Pierre Gasly & Yuki Tsunoda on the show together, you’re gonna enjoy this one! 1) Yuki ruins..

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F1 Nation: Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix Review podcast

A dominant Max Verstappen win – in Abu Dhabi and in 2022 as a whole. The World Champion signed off in style, and behind him there’s..

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21 Nov 2022

2022 Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix analysis by Peter Windsor

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen placed the ultimate stamp on his victorious 2022 season with a beautifully-placed win in Abu Dhabi,..

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20 Nov 2022

F1 Nation: Sao Paulo F1 Grand Prix Review podcast

An amazing first F1 win for Russell. Drama at Red Bull. Clashes at Alpine. History for Haas. The Sao Paulo GP weekend had everything! Tom..

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14 Nov 2022

F1 Nation: 2022 Mexico F1 GP Review Podcast

With his record-breaking 14th race win of the 2022 season, Max Verstappen hit new heights in Mexico City. One crucial on-track move and a..

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1 Nov 2022

F1 Nation: 2022 Japanese F1 GP Review Podcast

As Max Verstappen celebrates sealing his second F1 World Championship, Tom Clarkson braves the champagne spray to speak to some of those..

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11 Oct 2022

F1 Nation: 2022 Singapore F1 GP Review Podcast

Baku. Monaco. Singapore. Sergio Pérez made it a trio of street circuit wins in Singapore. How is he so good on tight, bumpy tracks, and..

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5 Oct 2022

F1 Nation: 2022 Triple Header Review

After a breathless spell of three dramatic races back-to-back, Tom Clarkson, Natalie Pinkham and Damon Hill take a moment to look back at..

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20 Sep 2022

F1 Nation: 2022 Italian F1 GP Review Podcast

Tom Clarkson is joined in the paddock by Fred Ferret from L’Equipe and F1’s Technical Illustrator, Giorgio Piola, as they debrief..

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13 Sep 2022

F1 Nation: 2022 Dutch F1 GP Review Podcast

A pulsating Dutch Grand Prix showed the ice-cool thinking and red-hot pace of Max Verstappen and the pressure the F1 pitwall. Red Bull Team..

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6 Sep 2022

F1 Nation: 2022 Belgian F1 GP Review Podcast

What a win! From 14th on the grid, Max Verstappen blew the competition away to win in Belgium. How did driving an intelligent first lap set..

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30 Aug 2022

F1 Nation: 2022 Austrian F1 Grand Prix Review Podcast

Charles Leclerc is back on top of the F1 podium, but what does victory in Austria mean for his title hopes? How worried are Ferrari about..

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13 Jul 2022

F1 Nation: 2022 British F1 Grand Prix Review Podcast

Carlos Sainz celebrates after a thrilling race at Silverstone which saw him take home his first win after beating Sergio Perez and Lewis..

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5 Jul 2022

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