The 2023 Formula 1 season was a whirlwind of speed, strategy, and unexpected turns. As the checkered flag fell at the final race in Abu Dahbi, the season unfolded into a narrative of dominant performances, surprise surges, and fierce competition. Let’s dive into the highlights and explore the exhilarating journey of this season where Red Bull Racing almost won every Grand Prix.


Red Bull's Utter Dominance

The 2023 season was marked by Red Bull's overwhelming and a bit surprising dominance. Max Verstappen who also won the Driver’ Title in 2021 and 2022, demonstrated unparalleled skill and consistency to clinch his third consecutive world championship.

His teammate, Sergio Pérez, played a supportive role but struggled to match Verstappen's scorching pace in almost every VulkanBet race. The Mexican driver this managed to finish second in the championship. It was the first time Red Bull Racing to have both drivers finished on the top 2 steps in the championship.

The Red Bull RB20 superior car performance and team strategic prowess were evident as they led the record breaking championship comfortably​ from start to finish. Adrian Newey again had drawn a championship winning car and nobody could do anything about that.


Mercedes' Struggles Again

Contrary to the previous seasons' intense rivalry, Mercedes found themselves in again, a more challenging position in 2023. They did beat Ferrari in the Constructors standings by only three points for P2. But a season without victories was a very harsh truth for the team from Germany.

Lewis Hamilton, though still showcasing his exceptional driving talent, faced difficulties with the car's performance and still finished third in the drivers' standings.

George Russell also had a mixed season, unable to consistently challenge for podiums​. The British drivers ended up on P8 of the championship.


One victory for Ferrari

The only other team that scored a Grand Prix win was Scuderia Ferrari. The Italian team had a hard time to keep up. Surprising race strategies and poor pitstop strategies caused them to loose second place to Mercedes.

It just wasn’t Charles Leclerc’s season. The golden boy from Monaco, couldn’t do his magic. He did score a couple of podiums, but zero pole positions and race wins to end up on P4 was the sad outcome after 22 races.

Carlos Sainz ended up behind his team mate  on P7 but was the only other not Red Bull driver to win a Grand Prix. The Spanish driver won the tough Singapore Grand Prix on intelligence.


Standout Performances from Midfield Teams

Aston Martin emerged as a significant surprise early in the season.

Fernando Alonso, returning to competitive form, secured several podium finishes, although the team's performance waned in the latter half of the year.

Lance Stroll, Alonso's teammate, also showed moments of promise but struggled to maintain consistency​.

The French team Alpine, with both French drivers Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly, experienced a season of ups and downs. While both drivers delivered noteworthy performances, the team’s overall results were again hampered by reliability issues and internal challenges​.


The Road Ahead: Anticipation for 2024

As the dust settles on an exhilarating season, anticipation brews for the developments leading up to the 2024 season. With regulation changes on the horizon and teams vying for supremacy, the grid is set for a potential reshuffle that could redefine the sports betting landscape.

The Formula 1 2023 season delivered thrills, upsets, and moments. As teams negotiate, the dawn of the 2024 F1 season promises to usher in new rivalries, unexpected alliances, and the relentless pursuit of glory on the global racing stage.


Looking Ahead to 2024

With the 2023 season wrapped up, all eyes turn to the current 2024 season. Regulatory changes and strategic shifts are expected to play crucial roles as teams prepare to challenge Red Bull's supremacy. Fans eagerly anticipate new rivalries, driver movements, and innovations that could and hopefully will redefine the competitive landscape of Formula 1.

The 2023 Formula 1 season delivered a blend of thrilling races, some very dominant performances, and evolving team dynamics. As teams have started this next season, the anticipation builds for what promises to be another captivating year in the world of motorsport.

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