Max Verstappen arriving in Milton Keynes for the first time after he won the World Drivers' Championship.

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Verstappen's arrival in Milton Keynes after winning the F1 title

  1. shroppyfly

    Please someone send this to LH and Mb instagramm pages.

    I hope Honda have given that NSX to Max aswell

    ###AndstillnothingfromTotowollf OWNER of the Team

  2. shroppyfly

    Susie and Toto need to leave the world of Motorsport if this is what they are prepared to say about the Governing body in a post on twitter, pathetic , do live interviews and repeat the claims .

    PATHETIC ...........

    Susie Wolff has expressed her hope that, by March, there is “a governing body with sporting integrity” back in charge of Formula 1.

    The CEO of Venturi Racing in Formula E shares a very close connection with the Mercedes team with her husband, Toto, the co-owner and team principal of the Mercedes Formula 1 team.

    The key members of the Mercedes camp have been silent following a statement of intent to appeal the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result on Sunday night.

    But with Mercedes now officially withdrawing that appeal, that silence is now being broken.

    In an emotional statement posted on Twitter, Susie Wolff said she was still in “utter disbelief” after witnessing Lewis Hamilton being “robbed” of an eighth World Championship title.

    And while she, just like the Mercedes team, congratulated Max Verstappen on his title success, there was no such respect shown towards those in charge of Sunday’s hugely controversial finish.

    “Going into this final race weekend, I believed both teams and both drivers deserved to win,” Susie Wolff posted on Twitter.

    “It was going to be a spectacle, an historic race that we all hoped would end without controversy. That wasn’t to be.

    “What happened is still hard to comprehend and still leaves me with a sick feeling. Not the losing – and not Max or Red Bull – they are deserving winners and we always knew it was a strong possibility we may not win – but the way in which Lewis was robbed has left me in utter disbelief.

    “The decision of one person within the governing body who applied a rule in a way which has never been done before in F1 single handedly decided the F1 Driver World Championship.

    “Rules are rules, they can’t be changed on a whim by one individual at the end of a race.

    “Lewis Hamilton, you have shown incredible integrity and dignity in the face of injustice. You are the greatest there has ever been.

    “The outcome of the last laps on Sunday? Those who know, they know, even those who can’t quite bring themselves to admit it.

    “Congratulations Max and congratulations to each and every member of Mercedes-AMG F1 on your record breaking eighth constructors title.

    “I hope my March of next year there is a governing body with sporting integrity and fairness at its core so I can fall back in love with F1.”

  3. shroppyfly

    Well I think we know whats coming next.....!!!!

    Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has said he can only “hope” Lewis Hamilton will decide to continue in Formula 1 after the heartbreak of Abu Dhabi.

    With Mercedes’ silence now well and truly broken, Wolff stated in his press conference that he cannot be 100 per cent sure at this stage that Hamilton will even return to Formula 1 next season.

    “So it’s going to take a long time for us to digest what happened on Sunday. I don’t think we will ever get over it. That’s not possible, and certainly not for him as a driver.

  4. Adrian Roscher

    rules are rules, eh? And apparently the rules gave Masi the right to make the call as he did. Oh and Susie and Toto should also know that the rules require a driver who goes off track and gains an advantage to give the place back, except apparently when it is Sir Baby Lewie!


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