The elements of a breathtaking British GP were many: the clash between Max and Lewis.

The massive impact from which Max was fortunate to escape. The penalty given to Lewis.

The brilliance of Charles Leclerc; the energy of the massive crowd; the drive of Lewis to win in the closing laps - all combined to make this yet another Silverstone for the Ages. Peter Windsor in this video offers his take on themes that are destined to run and run.

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2 F1 Fan comments on “Three F1 racers on the absolute limit by Peter Windsor

  1. Les

    Hamilton move was desperate at that high speed corner because any touch and the car on the outside goes off into the barrier at high speex. It was very fortunate that Max was not killed or seriously injured. We want hard racing but you do have to have regard for other drivers. A 10 sec penalty and 2 pointsfor tbatwas a joke. Should have been stripped of the win.


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