It's no secret that life as a Formula 1 driver at Red Bull is pretty fun, and in Max's time with Red Bull Racing Honda he's been put through some pretty unique training sessions which we're certain is the reason he's now the F1 World Champion 😉 🏁 Which of these super Max Verstappen moments is your favourite?

00:00 intro
00:08 won an Austrian scavenger hunt
00:43 raced a caravan
01:23 trained as an astronaut
01:59 raced through the Netherlands
02:36 drove a mini fridge
03:34 took part in a dinghy race
04:10 became king of the sand dunes
04:29 go-karted on ice
05:08 drove an F1 car on a ski slope
05:40 learned how to be a lumberjack
06:10 proved a hit at boxing
06:50 sharpened his football skills
07:19 learned martial arts
07:43 explored the Red Bull Racing factory
07:56 tried durian fruit
08:24 tried the Red Bull Soapbox race

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