Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a brand-new World Champion and this is how it happened.

Max Verstappen won his first World Drivers’ Championship at the end of one of the most dramatic title-deciders in Formula One history, passing rival Lewis Hamilton to take the lead and the race win on the last lap of a thrilling Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

It's been quite the journey for Max since joining the Red Bull programme in 2014 at the age of 17 years old. Today, in Abu Dhabi he completed his dream, to become F1 World Champion...

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81 F1 Fan comments on “Max Verstappen is 2021 Formula 1 World Champion!

  1. CanadianEh

    Shabby Dhabi was turning out to be the usual F1 race, with Hamilton and Verstappen 20+ seconds ahead of the field. The result seemed certain.

    Even though Hammy didn't return the position, Christian Horner was calm and pragmatic, and knew Verstappen would be overtaken as they didn't have Mercedes pace.

    The Red Bull strategy was brilliant while the Mercedes strategy seemed oddly fixated on losing track position. Had Toto brought Hammy in at say, 15 laps to go, his tires would still have been strong enough to win. Instead they kept him out.

    Then there was Toto telling the Race Director how to run the race. Another element of poor strategy. As is usual, lapped cars were sent off to un-lap themselves. Masi decided the race would end with racing and not in a procession behind a safety car. Good call. Good result.

  2. shroppyfly

    Oh well that's it then if a permanent back marker and only there because A- hes LH brother and B-lewis arranged the sponsorship for him says its fixed then it must be

    Problem solved, give us a break Nick Hamilton

  3. CanadianEh

    Verstappen and Hammy are both brilliant drivers - note their 20+ second lead over the rest of the pack at one point.

    I suspect Masi's decision to park the safety car on the last lap is pay-back for not having Hammy return the position on lap 1. Bit of karma there.

    It appears that Toto lost the race for Hammy. He left him out beyond the tires useful life. Redbull popped on a set of Red's when the safety car went out - so it was brilliant vs poor strategy decisions that decided the race.

    Both are deserving - it was Verstappens turn, and he had earned it.

    Frankly, had they kept the SC out to the end, it would have completely spoiled what had been a brilliant race, and soured millions against the sport.

    • Jimbo

      It’s verstappens/red bulls responsibility to make the racing close unfortunately he was nowhere near good enough as he has been in the entire second half of the season. The max fans would have you believe it was neck and neck before the safety car.

      • True Post

        The Lewis fans would have you believe that all the luck of a full season is owed exclusively to Lewis + whatever damage he causes is to be forgotten forever.

        It was Mercedez who threw away this one! They assumed that the race was over too soon and failed to adapt to the changing circumstances. RB was far more strategic, and so when Max pulled up to Lewis's side and showed him his new red tires, Lewis crapped his pants and was left in the dust.

        As I said before, s**t happens.

        • Retarded fan

          You should know, you’re full of it.
          Keep up, the FIA have admitted MM cocked up. His message will be resign or be sacked, either way no doubt he will receive an F1 sized golden handshake.

  4. Jax

    Quote: "More scrutiny is likely to fall on Masi with his decision starkly contrasting his stance taken at the Eifel Grand Prix In Germany, back in October 2020.
    In that race, McLaren driver Lando Norris was left in a precarious position after a power unit issue prompted smoke and fire to come from his car, and Masi was later criticised for ordering a safety car and then allowing it to stay out for a prolonged period.

    ”There’s a requirement in the sporting regulations to wave all the lapped cars past,” he later told Motorsport Week. “From that point, it was position six onwards that were still running [on the lead lap], so between 10 or 11 cars had to unlap themselves.

    “Therefore the safety car period was a bit longer than what we would have normally expected.”

    Had that apparent precedent been implemented on Sunday, and all lapped cars been allowed to unlap themselves, there would not have been time for the safety car to leave the track ahead of that dramatic final lap.
    Masi's comments potentially leave Masi open to further criticism as the fall out from the Yas Marina rages on." End quote.

    If Merc go ahead with their appeal, you Snowflakes better pray they aren't successful in overturning the title.

    • True Post

      Hey Jax baby....

      Masi is open to criticism no matter what, and fans are always prone to call the rules in the direction of their favorite, just like you do all of the time.

      So don't worry about Masi, there will be plenty of people in total line with his call.

      As for Merc, my bet is that it will not appeal.

      • shroppyfly

        As weve herd nothing from Toto or Lewis , my guess is Toto is doing his best to persuade him to not retire, any appeal would be tied up for months and no party involved wants that So big decision...he needs Lewis to commit NOW to 2022 or find a replacement PDQ , the clocks ticking what is it 95 days till the season starts, and the pr around that scenario is a nightmare, My guess thats y its radio silence from them both

        Nicoooooo, come back all is forgiven, we love you really

  5. Paul

    Let's just be clear, if Latifi hadn't crashed with 6 laps to go, Hamilton would have been world champion for the 8th time.

    Hamilton was ahead of Verstappen all the race.

    Hamilton was destined to win the race.

    The ONLY reason Hamilton didn't win is because the FIA wanted the F1 to end as a race, rather than behind the safety car and to do this they "changed the rules" in regard to allowing back markers to rejoin at the end of the pack. Never before have only "some" back markers been allowed through and never before has the race behind a safety car been restarted before ALL the back markers have got back into position, which is usually the lap after they are let through. Had this happened, as defined in the rules, there would have been no more laps to race and it would have finished behind the safety car, making Hamilton the world champion again.

    Restarting the race was always going to hand it to Verstappen due to his new tyres, so it's a no brainer to deduce that the FIA gave the race win to Verstappen and they new exactly what they were doing.

    Verstappen didn't beat Hamilton yesterday, the FIA gave the race win to Verstappen.

    • shroppyfly

      Paul said on December 13, 2021 at 18:59
      Let's just be clear, if Latifi hadn't crashed with 6 laps to go (BUT HE DID), Hamilton would have been world champion for the 8th time (BUT HE ISNT)

      Hamilton was ahead of Verstappen all the race. (NOT AT THE FLAG WHICH IS WHERE IT COUNTS)

      Hamilton was destined to win the race.(APPARENTLY NOT)

      All Masi did was--Interpret the rule book where it gives him over riding power of decision re safety cars, not his fault he didn't write the rule book, BUT neither did TOTO

      There will be no appeal Merc aren't stupid

      • True Post

        Shropp, I LOVE IT!!!!

        You see, that is the difference between sarcasm and satire.

        Hey, if Pastor had been a better driver, if more cars ahead of him broke down often enough, if most of the other drivers around him were duds, he would have been a world champion too!

        Keep working on your satire.

    • Swede

      Actually the rules allow the Race Director latitude in the area of Safety Cars, restarts, etc.

      In the end, it was good business for F1 to have a final 1 lap race to win. Pure Hollyood! Its all about the show...

      MB,should have changed tires.

      • True Post

        Hey, I have a question here...

        After the Latifi crash, Max came in for a tire change. But Lewis was ahead of Max, so why did he not come in ahead of Max?

        I know that Merc is saying that Lewis would have lost track position, but not if he had come in ahead of Max?

        It's looking to me that Merc was so convinced that it would win, they all froze up.

  6. shroppyfly

    There will no appeal, its just Merc crying Wollf

    Read the Rule Book

    The stewards ruled that a separate rule gave Masi the power to control the safety car, which "includes its deployment and withdrawal".

    So he had the authority to interpret the situation and over rule anything,

    End of ... No need for any more wishfull thinking Jax and his crew

      • Retired fan

        Nieve or what, the rules are for the benefit of F1 inc. No other formula allows working on the cars under safety car. The whole thing was scripted from beginning to end. Next year it will probably be the other way round.
        Masi will be fired for making it look such a farce. It’s a bit like actors not being shown the script in advance to make their reactions more authentic. Very trendy.

  7. Jinkstsa187

    “They have both been driving on such a consistently high level despite the pressure of the title battle. Max scored a record 18 podiums this year and the only races he didn't finish first or second were when he had incidents (Silverstone, Hungary, Monza) or a tyre failure (Baku)”

    Say what you will about Max’s aggressive driving but that is some mega achievement and I think it tells you all you need to know about his abilities in a race car!

    It also says a lot that Lewis was able to run him so close!

    Rather than us all keep bitching about who is the best, maybe we all just need to take a moment to reflect on these two outstanding drivers and what a season they have both given us.

    • CanadianEh

      It's a point worth repeating. That both Max and Lewis would consistently open 10, 15 or 20+ second leads over the field race after race, tells me everything I need to know about the skill-level and artistry they both possess. Incredible.

      The intensity of the competition harkens back to the rivalry between Schumaker and Hill, Senna and Prost, Lauda and Hunt. All scintillating examples of superlative skill and artistry, in their day.

      I can't remember a time when there were as many WDC in the field. Hamilton, Vettel, Raikkonen, Alonso - almost 20% of the drivers are ex-Champions in their own right.

      It has made for a cliff-hanger season, which ended with one of the most spectacular outcomes I've witnessed in years.

  8. Stan Hindle

    The whole 2021 season was pointless, that debacle has made a mockery off it all.
    The best driver finished 2nd after verstappens car was virtually picked up & brought forward instead of having to pass 4/5 cars.

      • Stan

        I like competition, I like sport !
        But sport is nothing without fairness!
        Lots of sport have already succumbed to inconsistency/ cheating, sad day if F1 is overshadowed by gamesmanship.

        To me it's like last minute in a football match & you have a free kick in your own half,,,,,, then the referee pics up the ball & places it on the goal line !!!!

        • shroppyfly

          Its not like football at all, for eg Booing is allowed in football but not in f1, ahhhh wasn't f1 2021 with that pathetic argument that booing is bad and should not be allowed lol

  9. Keith

    I can’t accept that the most dangerous driver in F1 won the 2021 title. It was given to him by Massi bending the rules. I was so angry I could not watch after the checkered flag. Lewis is still the champion in my opinion.
    There’s no way in hell I would ever pay to watch F1, I think Sky have ruined It for the fans who use to be able to watch live races on the BBC. I’m sick of avoiding the news to make sure I’m not told the results before seeing the highlights on C4. Even then they are ruined by constant ad- breaks interrupting the race, or the race is show so late I’m unable to watch it as I have an early start for work on the Monday. I so annoyed with Sky, hijacking F1, I’ve cancelled my Sky subscription. I probably won’t bother following F1 next year.

  10. Jax

    Please stop with the Merc should've pitted him nonsense. Anything they did RB would've done the opposite. As in if Lewis had pitted Max would've stayed out. Then if the race had not resumed, Max would win behind the safety car. That was the risk Merc sensibly didn't take as they have been burned by such a decision before. So they did nothing wrong. It's not rocket science.
    There were only two real logical options. Either run the safety car to finish line, or red flag it and allow both to pit then restart. The former would've have been fair to Lewis. The latter would balance the equation.
    This is why old Charlie is missed up and down the paddock because Max benefitted from Masi's inexperience and/or incompetence.

  11. shroppyfly

    Its just Karma Jax, accept it and move on , by the way where is Toto?

    Answer-- Lewis don't quit, Lewissss, that's not right, you need to change your mind, quick call Valtteri up right now, anyone , yes Nico hell do...lololol

    For anyone that's interested, Toto wollf/Masi ringtones are now available on i tunes, RB have got a range on offer, they are going to make a mint i suspect, mind you whats better that that , is Max is going to change his car number to No 1 next year, ahhhhhhh more salt in the wounds.

    Its the Lewis and Toto show--oops its just been cancelled sorry about that, forget christmas, this is the gift that just doesn't stop giving.....

  12. Gregg

    I am truly shocked that RB/Verstappen fans are glorifying the "world champion". He was completely dominated the entire race. And but for horrific decisions by MM he wouldn't even have seen Lewis Hamilton cross the line to win the race and championship do to being so far back. Ask any sport fan who values integrity in and of sports. Get used to ""

  13. Jinksta187

    Ill sum this up as a neutral.

    If Lewis had have won the race he would have been crowned champion and that would have been fully deserved. He is one of the greatest of all time and anyone who disputes that is talking utter rubbish. I understand that some people don’t like Lewis out of the car but as a racing driver, he is in a different league to most.

    On the flip side, Max may have lucked into the championship but anyone who says he didn’t deserve it clearly hasn’t been paying attention. Yes he is overaggressive but surely no true F1 can deny he is every bit as fast (If not faster on occasion) than Lewis. 18 first or second place finishes in a single season!!! If he hadn’t been taken out at Silverstone, Hungary and Baku that could have easily been 21 first or second place finishes! That’s a level of speed and consistency that is simply too hard to ignore, even if you aren’t a Max fan.

    I genuinely think Lewis fans are so afraid that there is finally another driver who can beat him that they are taking the one single negative aspect of his driving and blowing it way out of proportion to justify that Lewis is still the best.

    They clearly both deserved to win the championship but it’s my opinion that whilst the wrong man won the race on Sunday, the right man won the championship overall.

    • CanadianEh

      Jinksta, nice summary.

      The thought occurs to me that the dynamic within MB will have changed as a result of the outcome of the race. I wouldn't be surprised to see changes in the structure. For example, Toto being shown the door ?

      I suspect Hamilton will strive for #8 at least once more in 2022. After that, whats the point.

      Plus he will likely have a challenge from his new team-mate, who has aspirations of his own. No doubt that'll throw a wrinkle nto the equation.

      • shroppyfly

        Jinksta, nice summary.(yes very good summary )

        The thought occurs to me that the dynamic within MB will have changed as a result of the outcome of the race. I wouldn't be surprised to see changes in the structure. For example, Toto being shown the door ?-
        (well that's doubtful as he owns a third of the team, but i agree not impossible )

        I suspect Hamilton will strive for #8 at least once more in 2022. After that, whats the point.
        (yes he can try, here's a thought, vettel goes to ferrari and does not win another championship, whats he remembered for? his four titles or failing at ferrari? Im more inclined to believe his mindset will be, better to equal MS record and be remembered for that, than spend one , maybe two years failing to better it )

        Plus he will likely have a challenge from his new team-mate, who has aspirations of his own. No doubt that'll throw a wrinkle into the equation.
        ( obviously yes GR wants to be the next WDC from Britain, even more unwanted pressure for LH after losing this yr?)

        I don't mind being the sarcastic one on this forum , although Ror runs me close on that score, and of course the caveat is all IMO

        • CanadianEh

          At 37, Sir Hammy is on the down-side of his career. The younger whipper-snappers and their Ninja-like reflexes will inevitably prevail.

          It would be awkward, and, frankly, denigrating to witness Sir Hammy being eclipsed by his new, younger team-mate as he breathlessly strives for an 8th WDC, and failing to achieve it. Ewww.

          Better to retire now, Hammy, and save us all the cringing.

          • Rtd fan

            Fangio a true sportsman, hadn’t even started racing at 37 and don’t forget who was leading on Sunday by 14 seconds with by Hornets own admission no chance of being caught.
            Without Hammy, Mad Max and co would have no credible competition to hone their skills against.

  14. True Post

    All of you who are not completely happy with Max’s driving style might want to consider the following… Have a critical look at VB’s recent (maybe historical) driving style. He qualifies the fastest car on the track really well. Then he plays the start conservatively. When he loses the tow he sits behind utterly slower cars forever, rarely if ever attempts a pass in any corner, waits until it’s late in the race with all cars well spread out to motor past lesser cars under DRS.

    Wooptie doo, very boring.

    Formula One has ALWAYS been about going for whatever opportunity opens up!

    Make all the rule changes you want, but the interpretation of rules will go on forever! Formula One racing happens too fast to micro manage.

    I am reminded of the Can/Am series: very few rules, just fire breathing dragons driven by racers who went like hell. It all made for great races.

  15. Jinksta187

    Comments from Martin Brundle,

    "Does Max deserve the championship? Of course he does. He led 652 laps compared with Lewis' 303 laps. He departed 15 of the 22 races leading the championship including the last seven. He won 10 races compared to eight for Lewis (yes I know, we'll get onto that shortly), and it was 18 podiums playing 17. And he didn't have the best of luck along the way, until the last few miles of course.

    Lewis would equally have deserved his eighth title, I wish they could share it to be frank. His raw speed, consistency, determination, style, class, and stamina, particularly in the closing stages, was outstanding as he delivered another blistering start in his 288th GP at approaching 37 years old.

    The final few laps in Abu Dhabi, when the world's eyes were on us in staggering numbers, were not our finest moment and some things have to change this winter. We certainly confused our fans on Sunday"

    • setzer

      first thing to change should be brundle and the sky commentry team bring on someone who can tell it as it is all season long not up shamilton and tontos ass all the time im sure the bigging up of georgy will commence any day soon.remember the brit empire is a thing of the past .mb may have been considering returning to the silver paint scheme up to last week but im sure the black will remain offically in mourning for a year and a day ha ha

    • True Post

      Dear Mister Brundle,

      Don't apologise for me, I wasn't confused al all.

      In 1967 Parnelli Jones showed up at Indianapolis driving an extraordinary side by side turbine car, all legal.

      Jones cruised ahead of the field for 197 laps. Wilh three laps to go, a five dollar part failed, his race was over.

      The Gods of that end of the racing world then made this superb car illegal.

      As in anything else, s**t happens, and racing is not inherently fair.

        • Retired fan

          S..t dos’nt Just happen, in F1 As in real life it’s man made.
          Let’s be clear, Max was given a new set of scrubbed in soft tyres and allowed to restart virtually alongside Lewis who previously had a 12 second lead which he was extending.

          Wealthy and talented as Max and Lewis May be, they will never be a match for the multi billionaires who own the whole circus and pay their wages.Neither has much to complain about!

          • shroppyfly

            No I agree it is man made.....about as man made as the manipulation of the race according to our knight Sir Lewis H .good luck with that argument in the court of appeal lol, as for Max , he just says yeah i mean,it is what it is,as in I am the wdc 2021.


    • CanadianEh

      Well Martin, I like the data points you shared. Supports the fact that BOTH drivers are supremely talented, but the best driver really did win the WDC.

      To be blunt however, David Croft and his consistent, endless, Hamilton hyperbole - all delivered in his breathless-screaming kind of way - simply ruins the races he narrates. It is un-bearable. So much so, that I mute out the commentary. Frankly, it is Gawd-Awful to listen to his never-ending simpering adulation and grossly biased over-statement of Hammy's performance to the EXCLUSION of virtually all other teams and drivers. Ugh! I'd rather stick pins in my eyes.

      With luck, I'll be able to spoof the BBC 4 server next year, and watch the F1 season with David Coulthard's concise and witty insights.

        • CanadianEh

          As I live in Canada and as such, don't pay TV tax in the UK. I downloaded the BBC iPlayer app, and connect through VPN using a UK server. Soooo, I'm hoping I'll be able to at least watch the races and get the commentary from DC and crew. Far more intelligent than Croft & Co.

          • shroppyfly

            bit confused, on the BBC you wont get the races live, c4 has the rights to show the highlights, what you can get though is live radio commentary on bbc5 live

          • shroppyfly

            Im afraid so yes,in most Euro countries anyway germany,france and italy and uk i know its only sky,the c4 commentary is id agree better quality than shy, obv less interview but sky viewers in uk for f1 races 2M c4 re runs in uk 1.8M, that says it all.....but the 5live stuff is good if u can access it, hope it helps u and others

      • who_cares

        thanks for saying it

        can we get a #firecrofty trending

        he's super annoying and doesn't offer any value

        time to put in di resta as martin's no 2

        i really can't stand button either, which is odd as i liked him when he was driving. guess he's desperate now and willing to suck the paint off a lot of doorknobs to be on tv

  16. Retired fan

    1 The best way to cover up your own sins is to acuse someone else.
    2. Compare Hamilton’s enormous penalties for minor if any meaningful transgressions( which failed to stop him ) with Verstappens ineffectual or non existent penalties .
    3. If Masi had kept the pits closed so close to the end of the race there would have been a fair result.
    4. Horners prophetic need for a miracle being answered shortly after was to good to be true! He should learn to keep his mouth shut, likewise Masi’s Retort to Wolf.
    5. The real loser sadly is Max who will know for the rest of his life that he did not win a world championship, it was handed to him on a plate for the benefit of others vested interests

    The Hamilton’s magnanimous congratulations sadly just rub their noses in the s..t Max and his father have been dragged into.

    • shroppyfly

      The Hamilton’s magnanimous congratulations sadly just rub their noses in the s..t Max and his father have been dragged into.

      Yeah just a shame Toto wasn't as magnanimous, didn't even have the guts to phone Max , Lauda would have 100%

      Toto and LH are conspicuous by there absence either speaking to the media or posting online, and Max lol oh i think come 2022 when hes sees his shiny new car with the No 1 plate on it mmmm

      And vested interests what might they be then ?

      • Retired fan

        And vested interests what might they be then?

        Lets all get real, F1 is not sport it is a massive global business, it’ exists to make money by providing entertainment. The extremely well paid kids in the cars are just used as bit players to keep us interested. No different to X factor really, just much bigger.
        It’s a business on a scale beyond our comprehension. Great entertainment,
        but as one who has taken part in several sports over my lifetime I can say F1 is not sport.

    • CanadianEh

      LOL - Well there, Retarded Fan, which rock did you drag yourself out from under? Clearly, your nose is comfortable nestled on the gootch between Hamilton's scrotum and his rectum.

      It's poor losers like you that ignore cold hard facts delivered (oddly enough) by fellow-Brit Martin Brundle. At least he was demonstrating that Sir Hammy does NOT if fact walk on water.

      You remind me of Winston Churchill's definition of a fanatic - "Can't change his mind and won't change the subject."

      • Rtd fan

        To what in particular do you refer?.
        I am in fact a great admirer of Max’s speed and car control, not so much his dangerous driving, though I am sure he will grow out of it.
        Sadly something went badly wrong on Sunday as the FIA has now acknowledged, which devalues his title.
        The sporting thing to do would be to return his win until their investigation has been completed. I am sure he is confident that he can win a world championship without having it handed to him on a plate,I am.

        Your rather unsavoury language suggests you are not. Senile maybe, retarded? I’ll take others advice.

        • Retarded fan

          Have checked with my friends and family, yep they agree with you , so retarded it is.

          There is still time for Max to offer to share the title and massively enhance his legacy as the FIA have now admitted MM got it wrong in the heat of the moment.

          Time to move on,

          just been accepted for two demo runs at Prescott hillclimb in my 600bhp monster next May, you may hear it in Canada .


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