Mechanics pushing cars up to the start getting ready for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone (title super over). Group of racing drivers having photographs taken, Mike Hawthorn is amongst them. SV. Crowd watching. LV. Towards, past and away - start of race - cars start. LV. Pan, car No 23 driven by Mike Hawthorn. LTV. Two cars race towards and past on track followed by two more. SV. Pan, car No 7 Maserati, driven by Stirling Moss. SV. Pan, car No 8 driven by Jean Behra. SV. Pan, car No 2 Ferrari driven by Peter Collins passing car No 15 driven by Robert Manzon. GV. People, part of the crowd running down track as a bit of excitement starts. LV. B.R.M. car overturning and burning, other cars go tearing past the scene. SV. Burning car and firemen playing hoses on it. SV. Burning car and firemen playing hoses on it. SV. Towards and past, car No 1 a Ferrari driven by Argentine Juan Fangio.  Towards and past, car No 4 driven by Collins. SV. Pan, car No 1 now in the lead. LV. Man with chequered flag, he flashes it down as Fangio crosses the line - he wins. SCU. Car No 1 comes in and Fangio is greeted by his wife who kisses him, all mechanics crowd around car. SV. Crowd clapping. SCU. Fangio gives Stirling Moss a little hug probably for the bad luck Moss had. Peter Collins arrives second.

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