This is the first grand prix of the 1956 F1 season. Mercedes-Benz stopped their racing program and Juan Manuel Fangio was contracted by Ferrari, who bought the D50's from Lancia in 1955. Also Peter Collins and Eugenio Castellotti are now racing for the Scuderia. Maserati contracted Stirling Moss joining to the team composed a frenchman driver named Jean Behra and argentinian Carlos Menditeguy. The british cars, like the Vanwalls, Connaught and the BRM P25 are not ready yet and don't participate of this GP. The race was won by Fangio and Luigi Musso (With the D50 of this last driver). Behra finished 2nd and Mike Hawthorn (temporarily with a Maserati) finished 3rd.

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One F1 fan comment on “Highlight of the 1956 Argentine F1 GP

  1. Fima Ruchman

    This is not true, ferrari did´t buy Lancia, after Gianni Lancia past away, the son & daughter gave as a present to Ferrari the team including all the cars already produced as well as spare parts,. engines., tools etc as a present etc. consequently the only contribution of Ferrari to the Lancia F-1 cars was the sticker on the chasis with Ferrari Emblem. In other words the F-1 car was 100% Lancia with the Ferrari sticker.


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