Eugenio Castellotti's Ferrari, Peter Collins' Masserati, Taruffi's Mercedes and Juan Fangio's Mercedes being wheeled onto track. Various shots, mechanics and drivers with cars before the start.

March past of flags of nations competing. Fangio LS. Arrival of President, who shakes hands with drivers. Oriental girl watching. Fangio entering Mercedes. Starter dropping flag pan to cars starting to race. High view of cars round track. The race in progress. Good close shots of cars racing round a banked bend. Various shots of the famous manager of the Mercedes team watching from the pits. Various shots of the race in progress. Stirling Moss in Mercedes pulling into pits and leaving. Closing stages of race, shows Fangio followed by Taruffi, crossing finishing line - supporters and mechanics rush to congratulate Fangio. The smiling Juan Fangio. Taruffi. Starter waving chequered flag as cars cross finishing line. Fangio surrounded by mechanics and receiving cup.

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