Peter Windsor reacts to the news that Red Bull have been declared to have been in breach of the F1 cost-cap regulations and mulls over the potential penalties they may face.

There's also news about Alpine's power unit failures in the Singapore GP and a brief hat-lift to Mario Andretti for his recent outing in the two-seater McLaren F1 car.

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6 F1 Fan comments on “F1 cost-cap penalty thoughts by Peter Windsor

  1. Blo

    Waffle waffle waffle. All we know is that Red Bull over spent, that is cheating because it has given them an unfair advantage. The only appropriate punishment is disqualification.
    So Fia upset Red Bull or upset all the other teams but grow some balls and get on with it and while your’e at it tell the Saudis to conform to international law or kiss goodby to hosting F1.

    For God’s sake set an example.

    • shroppyfly

      Presumably all your waffle is directed at liberty, Rb overspent on T shirts for all there post race winner photos nothing else , maybe the odd bit of catering, lashings of humble pie for Toto and his girl.

      Power corrupts, Absolute power corrupts absolutely- RB don't want this, they just want to Partyyyyy like its 1999, or 2026 in Maxes case
      As for the video , I hate saying this but I agree with blo, ,usually got time for PW but this information was as pointless as all the other journos have pumped out whether its confidential or not, IF it hurts RB it'll go to appeal , then Tribunal, and in the mean time RB will scoop up another championship, for 23 everyone will improve --so effectively Status Quo, The competition know this, and are being loud to stop Max, but lol hes in a league of one, so Imo try as they might, the prediction is 2023 WDC Max V

      • Blo

        Ha , designer t shirts to try to out do SLH, too many Jager 💣 so the fia got mixed up and said guilty instead or not guilty and the humble pie obviously had too many E numbers, all that high octane made Toto hyper active.
        God help us if the past it goat does manage to win anything this year, you on a massive slice ofRB humble pie will be unbearable especially washed down with a dozen jägers.

        Ps please don’t agree with me again it’s bad for my street cred. Off to pick up my new Merc now.

  2. f1award

    There used to be a phase 'cheats never prosper' well it looks likely that for 2 years running RB have disproved it. What sort of example is this setting for all sport.


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