Sep.8 - The jury is out as to whether the 'party mode' ban that began at Monza has kicked off a new era of better racing in Formula 1.

Mercedes scoffed at those, like Red Bull, who predicted that the ban would ease the reigning world champion team's utter dominance.

However, it did at least coincide with Mercedes not even being on the podium last Sunday.

"Every merit of the dominance of recent years by Mercedes must be recognised," said Sky Italia correspondent Carlo Vanzini.

"But with the frozen engine maps, we saw what Valtteri Bottas was able to do without his 'magic button'. He could not overtake."

Vanzini also said Lewis Hamilton's fight-back after his penalty was less convincing than in the past.

"Something seems to have changed," he surmised.

Hamilton said after Monza: "The new rule is not good for the racing. It was more fun in the past to manage the engine and the overtaking boost."

Bottas added: "It may well be that this (ban) influenced the amount of overtaking, but only to some extent."

Ross Brawn, F1's sporting boss, is now behind a renewed push for a reverse-grid sprint race in future which he says could spit out more Monza-like results such as Pierre Gasly's win.

The original reverse grid idea was voted down by the teams for 2020.

"But the concept is still something we and the FIA want to work through in the coming months and discuss with the teams for next year," Brawn said.

"The Italian GP showed the excitement a mixed-up pack can deliver and our fans could be treated to the similar drama we saw at Monza."

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3 F1 Fan comments on “'Something has changed' after party mode ban

  1. Mark Cotterill

    Never a big F1 fan, more GT super car racing for me.But I really enjoyed the race for first time in years. great to see no party modes and really racing, maybe bring back refuelling to mixes it up a bit.

  2. Gerard

    It is a shame that all this regulations and restrictions to the hitech F1 racing is making some people happy specially this FIA blokes who obviously not give a sh.. t about the real F1 fans .The redflag was a example again to destroy regular races in favor of lottery tombola's . A safetycar was safe enough because the Ferrari was way of the track. I am sad about the actions of FIA towards F1 . Reverse grid plans are just as rediculous and I hope mr Brawn will leave F1 and go work for a casino because he is terrible as sporting director and like lotery and tombaly kind of sport, but that should not happen to F1 despite what the younger always unfaithfull fans request . FIA and Liberty think about the F1 racing fans instead of circus fans, please


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