F1 ban

Russian GP organisers pressing ahead despite anti-doping ban

Mar.17 - Organisers of the grand prix at Sochi are pressing ahead with preparations for the race in September, despite Russia's anti-doping..

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17 Mar 2021

F1 discussing wind tunnel ban from 2030

Nov.14 - Formula 1 is discussing the possibility of banning wind tunnels from 2030. The matter was reportedly discussed in the F1..

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14 Nov 2020

Authorities ban spectators from Imola

Oct.29 - At the eleventh hour, local authorities have banned spectators from this weekend's race at Imola. We reported on Monday that..

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29 Oct 2020

'Something has changed' after party mode ban

Sep.8 - The jury is out as to whether the 'party mode' ban that began at Monza has kicked off a new era of better racing in Formula 1...

8 Sep 2020

All eyes on 'party mode' ban at Monza

Sep.4 - All eyes are on the banning of 'party mode' engine settings at Monza this weekend. When asked if Mercedes can be stopped, Red..

4 Sep 2020

Marko: Red Bull applied pressure for 'party mode' ban

Sep.3 - Dr Helmut Marko has admitted Red Bull applied "necessary pressure" to help get what he describes as Mercedes' "extreme" party mode..

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3 Sep 2020

Marko: Honda has better race engine than Renault

Aug.25 - Honda is now the best engine manufacturer in Formula 1 behind Mercedes, according to Dr Helmut Marko. Red Bull's top Austrian..

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25 Aug 2020

Mercedes & Honda asked for 'party mode' ban delay

Aug.24 - Mercedes and Honda pushed for the 'party mode' ban to be delayed until Monza, according to Italy's La Gazzetta dello Sport. It had..

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24 Aug 2020

Marko wants telemetry & radios banned in F1

Aug.24 - Lewis Hamilton dominates Formula 1 because he has "a more powerful engine". That is the claim of Dr Helmut Marko, the top Austrian..

24 Aug 2020

Wolff: Party mode ban 'must first be defined'

Aug.21 - Mercedes will be stronger in the races once 'party mode' engine settings are banned. That is the warning of dominant Mercedes'..

21 Aug 2020

FIA pushing ahead with 'party mode' ban

Aug.17 - The FIA is pressing ahead with reported plans to ban so-called 'party mode' engine settings ahead of the next race at..

17 Aug 2020

Red Bull eyeing pole at Spa after 'party mode' ban

Aug.14 - A sudden and surprise rule change in Formula 1 is a "golden opportunity" for Red Bull. After the earlier-dominant Mercedes..

14 Aug 2020

Rosberg denies 'F1 ban' reports

Nico Rosberg's assistant, and F1, have denied that the 2016 world champion was 'banned' from attending the Baku and Spanish grand prix. We..

29 Apr 2019

Liberty bans Rosberg from Baku & Barcelona

Nico Rosberg was banned from the paddock of the grand prix in Azerbaijan this weekend. The 2016 world champion is a television pundit for..

28 Apr 2019

Russian organisers to ignor grid girls ban?

Jul.22 - Organisers of the Russian grand prix are considering ignoring F1's 'grid girls' ban. The Sochi round takes place in September...

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22 Jul 2018

F1 steward admits Vettel race ban was possible

Jun.30 - An F1 steward says his colleagues considered a harsher penalty for Sebastian Vettel last weekend in Baku. On Monday, which is also..

30 Jun 2017

FIA unmoved over radio safety argument

Jul.9 - F1's governing body is apparently unmoved by arguments its new clampdown on pit-to-driver radio communication should be relaxed...

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9 Jul 2016

Verstappen wants penalty system changed

Max Verstappen has admitted that he will have to be careful next season as he tries to avoid a one-race ban. The Toro Rosso driver is just..

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20 Dec 2015

Button defends Alonso after 'GP2 engine' outbursts

Oct.9 - Jenson Button has defended his McLaren-Honda teammate, following Fernando Alonso's controversial radio outbursts at Suzuka...

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9 Oct 2015

Raikkonen disagrees with Alonso over radio broadcast ban

Oct.9 - Kimi Raikkonen has refused to back former teammate Fernando Alonso's view that radio traffic should not be broadcast live in..

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9 Oct 2015


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