Sep.8 - Monza winner Pierre Gasly is still "not a consideration" for a re-promotion to Red Bull Racing.

That is the news from Dr Helmut Marko, after the French driver suggested "strong results should be rewarded with something".

Gasly told L'Equipe: "I delivered the team's second win. The first was Sebastian Vettel.

"This year Mercedes has won every race except one victory for Max and one for me."

However, Alexander Albon retains the support of Red Bull - even though he is faring little better than Gasly had at the point of his demotion to AlphaTauri last year.

"That is currently not a consideration," Marko told DPA when asked if Gasly might now return to Red Bull.

"Gasly is one of the Red Bull drivers who is currently at AlphaTauri and doing a great job there. We need a team leader there too."

Prior to the Red Bull takeover, AlphaTauri - formerly Toro Rosso - was actually founded as Minardi by Gian Carlo Minardi.

Minardi is not sure if Gasly and Albon now need to swap places.

"It is very strange that only Verstappen knows how to drive the Red Bull car," he told La Gazzetta dello Sport. "Anyone by his side suffers so something is wrong.

"I do not blame Albon because Gasly also suffered next to Max. It is clear that he is a great driver who knows how to optimise the car and the other two do not."

More broadly, Marko is angry that Red Bull was not able to capitalise on Lewis Hamilton's troubles at Monza, as Max Verstappen ultimately scored no points.

"It was a huge chance in the fight for the world title delivered on a silver platter," he said.

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2 F1 Fan comments on “Marko: Gasly still not Red Bull candidate

  1. Adrian Stapley

    The only time Vettel ever had a problem driving a Red Bull was the first half of a season where he apparently had a cracked chassis.

    Put Albon back with Gasly and sign Vettel to be Verstappen's team-mate. That will ensure neither Gasly nor Albon are being put under the pressure of having a feisty team mate, and I'm sure both Vettel and Verstappen know how to sort each other out.


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