Aug.4 - Valtteri Bottas' five-place grid penalty for taking out both Red Bulls in Hungary is not severe enough, according to Dr Helmut Marko.

Mercedes and Bottas admitted the blame for the misjudged first corner in Hungary that ultimately cost Max Verstappen the world championship lead.

As for the subsequent five-place grid penalty for Bottas at Spa after the summer break, Red Bull's Marko insisted: "With a well-tuned Mercedes, you can make up those positions in two laps.

"There is hardly a better track for overtaking than Spa," he added.

The result of Verstappen's huge crash at Silverstone following contact with Lewis Hamilton, and Sergio Perez's damaged engine in Hungary, means Red Bull is now considering fitting new Honda engines for both cars at Spa.

"We have to think about it at least," said Marko.

However, he remains confident that Verstappen can get back out in front of the world championship and then stay there until the season finale.

"It won't be easy," Marko admitted, "because while Toto Wolff said it wasn't coming, the Mercedes updates in Silverstone have made their car much faster.

"But we also have things in the pipeline and we will do everything we can to win the world championship."

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10 F1 Fan comments on “Red Bull Racing considers new Honda engines for next race in Spa

  1. shroppyfly

    Ah your right, i forgot that ,but to be fair that was before he became holier than thou about life,the world and every bloody thing because hes black and a winner and we should listen and while we are at it lets lobby the pope into canonizing him.

    There you go f1 im pro hamilton today, happy now

  2. Nath

    Not to mention his equality campaign by excluding certain groups from applying 🤔 😂 how do you achieve equality through unequal measures Lewis? Mind you he is from the ‘slums’ of Stevenage so maybe he knows better than me, great driver mind!

    • shroppyfly

      Oh , i agree hes a good driver , maybe the best of his generation, interesting point you raise, if you've read his commission , its packed full of graphs and info from experts but all of the info was already out there, what thy do is just cherry pick the info they need and bingo, not saying that's bad , but , trust me he didn't need to do the rigmarole of a commission, 50 foi requests to the government and same result, anyway i'm babbling a bit, if he wants to make a start maybe he should go to his old school and do a talk to pupils there, isn't that what poor kid-done good usually does, if he of course has the time in between posing for his instagram page, oh and as promised an update on his mission44 org web page nothings changed just words....come on lewis lets go

      • Ste

        Why dont lewis and george swap seats.see how good lewis really is,anyone one can be great out in front as george proved standind in for lewis,
        But that will never happen will it.


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