Jun.9 - The latest buzz on the Formula 1 rumour mill is that Valtteri Bottas remains in danger of losing his Mercedes seat - perhaps even within 2021.

The Finnish driver struggled notably both at Monaco and Baku, with boss Toto Wolff even suggesting he was to blame for his stuck wheel-nut at the former street venue.

Bottas said at Baku that he was "surprised" to hear Wolff's claim that he didn't correctly line up his car for the pit crew.

"Valtteri has been so unlucky again this year that you can hardly believe it. Look at Monaco," Wolff now says.

"We will certainly take that into account as we make our driver choice for next year."

Wolff therefore backtracks on his suggestion that Bottas caused the Monaco pitstop problem.

"He was actually very precise at the stop. He didn't make a mistake in the whole story. It was our problem," the Austrian insisted.

"I was wrong there. I said he was out by a few centimetres, but he was just right," Wolff added.

However, observers are claiming that Mercedes is now clearly lacking in terms of its overall driver lineup - particularly as Red Bull's Sergio Perez is now fully up to speed.

"When it comes to the second drivers, I see Perez as having incredible racing intelligence," said well-known German television pundit Kai Ebel.

"Bottas has always sat in the best car over the years, but Perez would have achieved at least as much in that car," he told Sport1.

Ralf Schumacher, meanwhile, told Sky Deutschland that Bottas is not playing an effective support role for Lewis Hamilton if he is "not within striking distance" on track.

"A good teammate can force another team to wherever you want to be," the former F1 driver added.

Schumacher said Bottas was "good at Monaco but bad again at Baku", which is "a huge problem for Mercedes in the world championship fight".

"On the one hand it doesn't help the team standings, but on the other he is completely lacking as a support for Hamilton."

Even the media is recognising the problem, with a report at Germany's RTL insisting that Bottas is "no longer good enough" even for the position of Hamilton's "water carrier".

"The love for Bottas is all well and good - but it's time," the broadcaster added. "It's time to give the youngsters a chance to do better.

"It's time to put George Russell in that cockpit."

De Limburger, a Dutch newspaper, agrees: "Bottas needs to watch out, or Russell will soon be in that Mercedes."

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14 F1 Fan comments on “Media say it's time to put Russell back in second Mercedes

  1. shroppyfly

    And just like a "Jax in the Box" up pops the media hype about GR, right on cue.

    Lovely to see Toto finally admitting VB was right in Monaco too, now he just needs to say Lulu fecked it up in Baku and im a Tonto fan again, MB need a 1-2 in France desperately, or VB is gone .. or at least his suitcases are packed and Jax is on standby to pick him up

    • Nobodysperfect

      Yeah, if Mercedes doesn't dominate in France than the title probably goes to Red Bull and Verstappen and would be the turnaround for Mercedes to who knows where.
      But I don't think that will happen and predict a 1-2 for Mercedes at de boring the current used Paul Ricard circuit layout. Can't believe why the don't just skip the chicane on the mistral straight. They say it's to dangerous? But who told us F1 is ever to be without danger, isn't that why drivers earn so much money too? It would be a great DRS straight to fight on.

    • shroppyfly

      I hear what your saying except young Lando was quickly snapped up on a 2yr extension, cant see Zakky boy letting his star man go, and being fair about prior results to F1 George has the better pedigree and Tontos his manager Sooo... the future after LH or VB quits/gets fired gotta really include George of course IMO as a caveat

  2. Jax

    And the countdown to Bottas exiting stage left begins. Poor chap. Trying to keep up with the Hammer is tough. Alonso and one hitter Rosy who almost had a nervous breakdown in the last race of 2016 and then retired as a result could've told the Finn how rough it can get Lol.
    Bring on Boy George.

    • shroppyfly

      Boy George .... it that where you got your fascination with
      Karma from then his song ( Karma Chameleon ) I didnt know you were a fan, learn something every day, showing your age there a bit Jax lol

  3. NoNononsense48

    Arrogant Russell doesn't play well as a teammate to Lewis and he talks too much .I don't like such guys. Toto would be stupid if he brings in the unrest with Russell


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