Jun.9 - F1 race director Michael Masi has hit back at Nico Rosberg, after the 2016 world champion said an aspect of the Baku circuit design is fatally dangerous.

Even before Lance Stroll and Max Verstappen suffered high-speed crashes on the long, fast stretch of the city layout prior to the pit entrance, 2016 world champion Rosberg revealed his concerns.

"It's pretty scary," he said.

"You arrive at that point at 350 and on the left is the pits. If you end up there and you are going 350kph, then that's the end. There's no more you," the German added.

Top FIA official Masi, however, rejected Rosberg's further claim that the Baku pit entrance is the most dangerous spot on the entire world championship calendar.

Rosberg says it is "ridiculously wrong" that the section has existed since 2017, but as a driver "you have to hide it".

"I disagree with that statement," race director Masi told reporters.

"The pit entrance and the entire track were homologated by the FIA as a grade 1 circuit. It meets all of the safety requirements stipulated by the FIA in the regulations," Masi added.

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Masi hits back at Rosberg over 'scary' Baku comments

  1. shroppyfly

    Masi towing the company line as youd expect , whatever people think about NR he was a successful racing driver and there fore simply quoting the rulebook, well take what you like from it, Masi is no charlie whiting, he seems to have risen through the ranks very quickly, without having had many top positions IMO

  2. Craig Bailey

    Protecting management and towing the line but lots of BS just like Pirelli talk on failed tires. Safety must take precedence. They couldn’t get through qualifying or the race without wrecks.

  3. Oldtwit

    Does it still say on the back of your ticket "Motor Racing is Dangerous "? These drivers get paid a lot of money if it was that bad they wouldn't drive would they? Ha Ha Ha
    Stop putting cotton wool on everything

  4. shroppyfly

    yeah but using that argument , then we wouldnt have safety cells, ,wheel tethers, crumple zones, hans device, and halo, im just thinking , if its a bad corner, and the drivers are saying it , management are saying then maybe why not change it or at least improve it, Jackie Stewart had a hell of a job in yrs gone bye getting tracks and safety improved, so why not now, for me Masi is a muppet , the big FIA knows everything , well guess what Masi, no one knows everything...

  5. Ricky

    Stop the do-gooder's and health & safety nut cases sanitizing F1 its supposed to be the pinnacle of motorsport no one forces the drivers to race they all have a choice, after all, it says it on the ticket motor racing is dangerous thats part of it and why we all tune in to watch


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