Sep.30 - The world of Formula 1 could be bracing for a scandal involving the dominant Red Bull team.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reports from Singapore that the governing FIA may be on the verge of kicking off an investigation into whether the energy drink owned team breached the new budget cap provisions last year.

Earlier, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto admitted he was concerned about news that Red Bull was preparing to crash-test a lighter version of its 2022 monocoque.

Ferrari team boss also calls for F1 engine penalty rule re-think

Mattia Binotto

He argued that Ferrari would not be able to afford the same major development program under the budget cap rules. "I cannot know what they are doing, if they have a lighter chassis or not, but generally speaking, the budget cap is always a concern," said Binotto.

"The financial regulations can make differences between teams in the way they are interpreting and somehow executing it. And we know we need to have a very strong FIA to make sure they are properly focusing, otherwise the regulations will not be fair and equitable."

La Gazzetta dello Sport's respected correspondent Luigi Perna said that as a result of the rumoured FIA investigation, a fine or even the retrospective loss of points is possible.

He added that the FIA is actually opening up three separate investigations involving more than just the Red Bull team.

For now, it is little more than rumours that are swirling in the Singapore paddock - but reigning world champion Max Verstappen was asked if Red Bull still plans to race the lightweight chassis in the remaining races this year.

"No, we don't have any other chassis," the 2023 world champion-elect said.

"We made a bet - if I won in Monza, I would keep the old chassis. I was thinking of lifting and finishing second, but I won the race anyway," Verstappen joked.

At any rate, Dr Helmut Marko is no longer worried that Red Bull might not wrap up this year's championships sooner rather than later.

"The world title should only be a matter of time, unless the proverbial devil gets involved," he told Kronen Zeitung newspaper.

"We still want to win the race here - Max wants to win," Marko, 79, added.

"There's also this new record for victories which is an additional incentive for Max," he said, referring to the current record of 13 wins for a season which is jointly held by Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel.

"The course in general should suit Ferrari," Marko added in Singapore. "They are the favourite here."

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11 F1 Fan comments on “FIA started new budget cap investigation on three F1 teams

  1. f1award

    And here we go, I said at the start of the season budget caps would involve accountants deciding the WCC, to save face FIA will just fine the team or teams, kind of ironic really

  2. shroppyfly

    The rules are clear, unless you don't happen to like the way they are policed and then you'll make up things, the report relates to last yrs speeding as those clever chaps at sky remind us, a Minor breach (there words) of upto 5% is a fine, so that's about 7M, hardly minor i agree but , lets not speculate, that would be sensible, No i tell you what, lets make things up to suit ourselves...!

  3. shroppyfly

    I cant believe im saying this but thanks Sky guys..... so if a team has a failure chassis, engine, gearbox clutch anything......... that was supplied to them by an outside supplier and they need to replace it because it fails due to manufacturing fault, the cost of replacing it, does not come out of the cost cap, who knew that?????, so Ferrari are at a disadvantage straight off big advantage to RB and AT whose engines are supplier by Honda and then by Red Bull powertrains ltd, however , if they (the team) mfr it themselves--then it comes out of the cost cap .

    • Donalf

      Shropp I'm not into this sort of back street fighting between merc & RB but is it not ridiculously, childishly silly that 2021 issues are being brought up so close to the end of the 2022 season. Last season 2021 mercedes caused so much damage to the red bull cars of Perez & MV that C.H challenged mercedes to pay for the damage incurred, have merc forgotten that, now they are pursuing penalties against RBs cost caps this seems yery one sided to me, if mercedes had to pay up for the damage on both occasions "max sidelined by sir Lulu + perez & Max being taken out by the experienced VB" which I think they should have paid at least 50%towards damages then they also would have exceeded the price cap. "probably" p/S don't have to answer this if you think it's stupid ".

      • shroppyfly

        I had forgotten that to a degree the mess over the costs due to those accidents, it does seem very interesting that Torgers being so blunt and saying Rb are in the S*H*T over 21 budget caps, But to be fair to the Sky guys , they asked Tonto about that... yeah right ...

  4. shroppyfly

    Not being funny but Naomi Schiff doing post quali interviews, twice when interviewing the Dame she says " you kept us on your toes " Im sorry, but Wtfs she on about...!! , we want basic intelligence+f1 knowledge--- Schiff was appointed as the diversity and inclusion ambassador for the W Series in 20- well if you cant win -get a job with Sky it seems is your best bet

    • smokey

      Naomi Schiff is out of her depth with F1 and resorts to waffling on. Paul and Ants have been there in recent times and know what they are talking about, although Martin is a bit out of touch with today's cars. However, Naomi seems to stumble around unsure of her focus due to the lack of experience and limited knowledge. It was probably politically correct for Sky to employ her!


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