Maserati F1 information & statistics

Maserati F1 statistics

Race Starts70
Drivers' Titles1
Constructors' Titles0
Fastest Laps17
One/two finishes1

Maserati F1 Team Drivers

Maserati F1 Drivers Achievements

United States Harry Schell26001101237010
France Jean Behra25025701390036
Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio217501281108699.5
Switzerland Toulo de Graffenried190000085607
United Kingdom Stirling Moss1621252785533.14
Argentina Roberto Mieres1400000711113
United Kingdom Horace Gould130000042802
Spain Paco Godia130000058206
Sweden Jo Bonnier120000042900
Thailand Prince Bira120000056608
Italy Felice Bonetto1200110538010.5
Argentina Onofre Marimón110022045818.14
Argentina José Froilán González1001340474321
Italy Luigi Musso1001120586012
France Louis Rosier100000048602
Argentina Carlos Menditeguy90011043706
Italy Giorgio Scarlatti80000031801
Italy Luigi Villoresi80000031304
Italy Sergio Mantovani80000046504
United States Masten Gregory800110363010
Italy Cesare Perdisa70022049405
Monaco Louis Chiron70011022204
Italy Gerino Gerini60000027501.5
United Kingdom Bruce Halford60000013500
United Kingdom Roy Salvadori60000019300
Brazil Chico Landi50000032301.5
Italy Luigi Piotti50000019700
United States Carroll Shelby50000019800
Italy Franco Rol4000006900
Germany Hans Herrmann4000009900
United Kingdom Ken Wharton40000024300
Brazil Gino Bianco40000012700
Italy Umberto Maglioli3000006600
Italy Alberto Ascari3000006210.14
Switzerland Toni Branca3000006700
Italy Maria Teresa de Filippis3000008500
France André Simon30000012200
United Kingdom David Murray30000014500
Switzerland Ottorino Volonterio30000014500
Uruguay Eitel Cantoni3000007900
United Kingdom Peter Collins2000005000
Netherlands Jan Flinterman2000009000
Argentina Jorge Daponte2000008900
Italy Giulio Cabianca20000011500
United Kingdom David Hampshire2000006900
Uruguay Alberto Uria20000011000
Brazil Fritz d'Orey2000009700
France Philippe Étancelin1000007000
Spain Antonio Creus1000001600
Spain Juan Jover100000000
United States Troy Ruttman1000004500
United States Spider Webb10000012600
Italy Piero Taruffi1000004000
Argentina Clemar Bucci1000005400
Italy Gino Munaron1000007200
United Kingdom Philip Fotheringham-Parker1000004600
Germany Wolfgang Seidel100000400
Italy Nello Pagani1000003900
Germany Hermann Lang1000006202
United States John Fitch1000004600
Venezuela Ettore Chimeri1000002300
United States Henry Banks10000011200
Germany Paul Pietsch100000000
United Kingdom Cliff Allison1000001500
Belgium Johnny Claes1000003500
Italy Franco Comotti1000001500
United Kingdom Lance Macklin1000007900
United States Robert Drake1000006800
Argentina Óscar Alfredo Gálvez1000009602
United States Johnny McDowell1000001500
Netherlands Carel Godin de Beaufort1000004000
France Maurice Trintignant1000002300
United Kingdom Ivor Bueb1000007100
Uruguay Oscar González1000008800
Argentina Nasif Estéfano1000007000
United Kingdom Peter Walker100000200
United States Phil Hill1000004900
United Kingdom Joe Fry1000003200
United Kingdom Mike Hawthorn1001109804
Australia Jack Brabham100000300
United Kingdom John James1000002300
United Kingdom Brian Shawe Taylor1000003200
United Kingdom Ron Flockhart1000004400
United Kingdom Reg Parnell100000900

Maserati F1 Team Achievements

Maserati F1 Finish Positions

19 Times
210 Times
321 Times
422 Times
524 Times
622 Times
724 Times
817 Times
917 Times
1013 Times
118 Times
123 Times
132 Times
141 Time
151 Time
171 Time
181 Time
191 Time
201 Time
251 Time
321 Time
DSQ1 Time
NC1 Time
Ret200 Times
WD1 Time
DNQ17 Times
DNS16 Times

Maserati F1 Championship Positions


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