The air is still electric in Abu Dhabi - even as the F1 world moves on to the first of the winter tests. Following the dismissal by the race stewards of Mercedes' first two protests on Sunday night, Peter Windsor in this video looks at which path Mercedes may choose to take next.

Peter looks more closely at the relevant clauses in the FIA F1 Sporting Regulations that led to that last-lap sprint - and explains why Michael Masi, the Race Director, felt that he had the freedom to act beyond the boundaries of the regulations. Peter also talks about the team-to-FIA radio broadcasts we've heard this year - and about the way Charlie Whiting, Masi's predecessor, used to work things.

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One F1 fan comment on “More on Abu Dhabi F1 GP by Peter Windsor

  1. shroppyfly

    Completely understand what PW is saying but the result will stand , as he points out , one thing about dignity from LH , on the in lap he said the race was manipulated, he can only mean by the Fia to stop him winning (those undertones always in the background of doing down the black guy when things don't go his way), not very dignified from a 7 time champion , Max on the other hand had not won anything so he can say what he likes and he has., all pretty irrelevant , your in one camp or the other .

    As for Totos behaviour in this matter, very unprofessional , as we are oh so often told there are 2000 people looking to Toto as a figurehead, a spokesperson for them and the Bod of MB mmmm, not so much a figurehead, more of a knobhead this time...!!


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