Mercedes may have won the 2021 FIA F1 World Constructors' Championship - but that victory comes at a price. The FIA's penalty-reward system means that they now have at their disposal 10 per cent less wind tunnel and CFD testing time as they prepare for 2022 - a handicap that in normal circumstances wouldn't be too significant but in a winter in which all the teams are designing and building completely new cars will definitely be noticeable.

Peter Windsor, as he responds to more comments from viewers, talks about the Merc "penalty" at 05:52 - while at 04:45 he suggests that a recent (slight) revision of the new aero regs may be bringing a smile back to the face of Red Bull's Adrian Newey. Other topics in this video: when might F1 return to South Africa? Why don't we have 30-car grids? And why not run third cars for local heroes at key races?

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