Red Bull's Max Verstappen proved his mettle in qualifying for the Bahrain GP by taking the pole position on his very first Q3 run, leaving Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Mercedes drivers in the dust. Fernando Alonso fought hard to catch up, but Verstappen's quick lap time couldn't be matched, securing two Red Bulls on the front row of the grid. Following Verstappen are the two Ferraris of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, with Alonso not too far behind. Bringing up the rear are the two Mercedes of George Russell and Lewis Hamilton.

In a video analysis by F1 expert Peter Windsor, he compares the driving styles of Verstappen and Alonso, breaking down their techniques. Windsor also dissects the day's events and previews the upcoming opening round of the 2023 FIA F1 World Championship on Sunday. Don't miss the action-packed race ahead!

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