May 7 - Ralf Schumacher couldn't resist making a jibe at Haas boss Gunther Steiner at the Miami GP.

On Friday, the driver who replaced Schumacher's nephew Mick for 2023 - Nico Hulkenberg - crashed.

"If the team's best practices are maintained, we will know very soon what the crash cost," Ralf told Sky Deutschland.

Schumacher, 47, and Gunther Steiner fell out badly over the Haas team boss' treatment of Mick last year - and the ultimately decision to oust him.

"And next year at the latest we will all find out in the Netflix documentary what he thinks about it too," Schumacher added, again referring to Hulkenberg's crash.

However, Ralf insisted that his jibe at Steiner is actually not criticism of a crash by the otherwise impressive returning German Hulkenberg, 35.

"To be fair, Nico has often been outstanding, making the car look better at the moment than it is. You have to give Nico a big compliment, he's just doing a good job."

However, it was teammate Kevin Magnussen shining the brightest in Miami after a difficult start to 2023 for the Dane - with a highly impressive P4 in qualifying.

Hulkenberg starts Sunday's race 12th.

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6 F1 Fan comments on “Schumacher takes aim at Haas F1 boss Steiner after Hulkenberg crash

  1. Susan

    Well, let’s just say that Haas couldn’t afford to wait until Mick found his limits. I think Mick had f1 confused with demolition derby. Ralf needs to sit back and be supportive of his nephew quietly. Until he wants to step up and help finance his nephew, maybe “silence is golden”.

  2. Brett Pitt

    Mick is the last hope for the Schumacher family to keep the business alive in F1. Ralf is an ungrateful man who should give Haas a big thank you for giving Mick 2 years in their car! Mick has had 2 years to prove if he has what it takes to drive F1. But it was hoped that all the other drivers in the game would pull over and let Mick win for free!
    The world has plenty of super talents in motorsport, and Mick Schumacher is hardly the best of them all. And if he was super talented, he would be driving this year. So thanks to Haas for their patience and courage.

  3. Susan

    I totally agree with you Brett. Mick was given every opportunity at Haas. Repairing cars almost every race, money they could not spare, waiting for Mick to find his limits. Ralf is a loving , supportive uncle but not his place to criticize anyone. Haas gave Mick a shot at F1, Mick let himself and his team down. Name will only take you so far. At the end of the day, it was up to Mick.


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