Jul.14 - Daniel Ricciardo has taken to social media to calm raging new speculation that his McLaren seat for 2023 will be snatched by another driver.

Even before this week's events, multiple drivers were linked to struggling Australian Ricciardo's seat, even though it is believed his contract is watertight.

Indycar driver for the Andretti team, Colton Herta, tested a 2021 McLaren in Portugal this week, amid new rumours that Oscar Piastri, Alex Albon and world champions Sebastian Vettel and even Fernando Alonso could be eyeing the seat.

But the latest wave of speculation follows the shock 2023 signing by McLaren on Wednesday of reigning Indycar champion Alex Palou - despite the fact that Chip Ganassi also announced the 25-year-old Spaniard's re-signing on the very same day.

Palou, who now has an unspecified spot on McLaren's 2023 "driver roster", said Chip Ganassi issued the press announcement "without my approval".

Ricciardo then issued his own social media statement to play down the raging rumours.

"There have been a lot of rumours around my future in Formula 1, but I want you to hear it from me," said the 33-year-old, who has struggled for performance at McLaren.

"I am committed to McLaren until the end of next year and am not walking away from the sport. I'm working my as off with the team to make improvements and get the car right and back to the front where it belongs.

"I still want this more than ever," Ricciardo said.

Shortly after that, McLaren tweeted that Ricciardo was at the factory at Woking, "checking in with the team" and working in the simulator.

However, the bigger buzz was about McLaren's mysterious sudden signing of the highly coveted Alex Palou.

"I remember when Adrian Campos came to me with bright eyes and reported that he had finally found a successor to Fernando Alonso," former F1 driver Marc Surer told f1-insider.com.

"It was Alex Palou. I've been following his career closely ever since. And I have to say, he has great potential."

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16 F1 Fan comments on “Ricciardo speaks out amid crazy new rumours about his 2023 seat

  1. Shroppyfly

    Can see DR doing a Kimi and being paid to go walkabout or become the poster boy for Colgate , Mcl will be no worse off than now with the new guy, BUT they could be a whole lot better off they need both cars in Q3 every race

  2. Alex Albon

    Here is my guess what is going on. DR F1 form way off and everyone knows it. He's likely done in F1. However, he's still marketable and McLaren recognizes it. If I were Zak, I'd be trying to convince him to jump to Arrow McLaren SP in Indycar and then try to get Netflix to do Drive To Survive: Indy so that the McL Indy team can get the same bump the F1 grid got. Add to the mix the host of young Indycar drives linked to F1 seats, it adds to the overall excitement.

    As an aside, if this is really what is going on, Ganassi shouldn't be blocking Palou move to McLaren. The Netflix bump will be worth way more to Ganassi than keeping Palou around.

  3. smokey

    Lando seems to have little trouble getting reasonable results from the McLaren, although Daniel has been unable to achieve anything this year. Both are driving the same car, so one would expect them to have similar results, however, this has not been the case. We anticipate drivers at this level to be at the epitome of their skill levels in vehicle management and control, so makes me think that Daniel's issues are psychological rather than car related. Daniel has displayed his excellent skills in the past, with some great passing moves, although those days seem to have passed! He may have departed Red Bull, but seems he didn't bring those entertaining skills with him!

  4. JohnD

    In the UK if you are having a hard time with your business partner...you will be encouraged by your lawyer to openly state that you are 100% working flat out for the business and fulfilling all contractual requirements... This is just part of the severance package discussion...

    • Shroppyfly

      yeah cause that's bound to ease the tension between two partners great advice and when both partners are advised to say the same thing..... what is it, whoever said it first? Just ask the British P & O workers about contractual obligations and then come on here spouting crap

  5. JohnD

    However, when two Partners fall out it gets very messy and Lawyers will be involved - same with unions and the Bosses. It doesn't matter what contracts are in place - anyone can be sacked - it just comes down to the severance package. That is the reality.

    All Daniel needs to do is outperform the car and Lando and then the matter will resove itself (possibly) - remember the time Mansell won the world title at Williams - they had already done a deal that didn't include him for the following year.

    • Shroppyfly

      Indeed then FW changed his mind got the cash off Renault to pay his salary but he told em to stuff it , good on you Nige
      He's been trying for 18mths to beat Lando can't see it happening I'm sticking to my theory Mcl will pay him off in Dec


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