Dec.9 - Red Bull has blocked Max Verstappen from trying his hand at the controls of a MotoGP bike.

At the recent end-of-year Honda 'thanks day' at Motegi in Japan, the reigning back-to-back Formula 1 champion met up with MotoGP star Marc Marquez and sat on his Honda two-wheeler.

"I love watching MotoGP and I like that there are so many teams capable of winning the race. I think it's fantastic," Verstappen, 25, is quoted by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Red Bull does not want Verstappen to test MotoGP bike

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"These guys are crazy. It's fascinating to see how strong they are, working the whole body. I would like to try one of these bikes for the speed they have on the straight, the power the bikes have.

"But my team won't let me," the Dutchman smiled.

"Of course, if I broke my leg now, I would have time to recover," Verstappen smiled again.

When suggested that he might consider simply riding a bike slowly enough to guarantee his safety, the Red Bull driver added: "I know myself well.

"If I tried it, I would push. The problem is if something goes wrong."

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Red Bull does not want Verstappen to test MotoGP bike

  1. Jere Jyrälä

    RBR's unwillingness is understandable, given the 'something can go wrong' factor, regardless of how cautious he'd be & possible consequential impact on next season.

  2. Hermann J. Portner

    "Schuster, bleib bei Deinen Leisten", roughly translated: "COBBLER, STAY WITH YOUR LAST".
    This is my advice, dear Max. Stay safe, healthy, and competitive. Hermann

  3. shroppyfly

    MM hasn't been the same rider since his crashes, Honda and Rb in Moto GP are thick as thieves, this i suspect was a big factor in Rb saying No .

  4. the right honourable chris gibson....

    as a fan of max my advice would be to be satisfied with being the best driver for now, not easy I know. Remember we live according to the wise book, 3 score years and 10. Shumacher was very competitive to, but things go wrong sometimes. My personal thought would be to be the best first. We can all have a little dabble, but leave it at that for now. Down tiger. LOL...


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