Nov.20 - FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem has lashed back at suggestions a former Toto Wolff-linked lawyer is the source of a media leak.

Ever since Shaila-Ann Rao was made the FIA's interim secretary general of sport earlier this year, many wondered if her previous links to Wolff and Mercedes would bias her decisions.

Then, when details of Red Bull's budget cap breach leaked into the media, many of those same people immediately pointed the finger at Rao.

FIA president Ben Sulayem defended her in Abu Dhabi.

"Shaila-Ann has supported me a lot. You can see her intelligence when it comes to making big decisions for me," he said.

He hit back both at the idea that Rao is biased towards Mercedes, and that she may have been the source of the budget cap breach leak.

"Actually, once the penalties were in place for the teams, she said that was a bit harsh of me," Mohammed Ben Sulayem said.

"I looked at her and said 'My God, there's someone accusing her of being on Mercedes' side and she's telling me I'm too tough on Red Bull," he smiled.

The FIA chief suggested it was the F1 teams themselves who leaked the information.

"We had a meeting in Austria and while we were still talking about something, it was already in the news," he said.

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5 F1 Fan comments on “President says FIA lawyer did not leak Red Bull F1 news

  1. shroppyfly

    Yes but MBS AkA the binman , your God says a lot of things...... that other people ( not other religions) also find to believe so you won't be surprised when people think your talking bollox Again

    • smokey

      I have never struck a person who is of middle eastern origin that is honest and speaks the truth. It's part of their culture to be dishonest and underhanded. It's how they have been educated. Bribes, envelopes under the table and in the back pocket, are the way they do business. The FIFA debacle with Qatar gaining the World Cup is a good example!

  2. Donalf

    So, if the president says fia lawyer did not leak red bull fi news then that surely means that he knows who did, so come on spit it out, who's the snitch, we need to know as it could happen again.


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