Aug.5 - Alfa Romeo is yet to decide if Chinese rookie Guanyu Zhou will remain Valtteri Bottas' teammate in 2023.

Recently, the Swiss-based team's technical boss Jan Monchaux said 23-year-old Guanyu had been "a surprise of the season".

"If you read back some of the comments of journalists last winter, they were quite sceptical - to remain diplomatic," he said.

"And he's a great driver."

No Chinese sponsor boom yet at Alfa Romeo F1 team

Frederic Vasseur, Team Principal of Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN (Photo Antonin Vincent / DPPI)

However, with Alpine refugee Oscar Piastri now regarded as a key to the 2023 driver 'silly season', it appears Sauber is leaving that seat open for now.

Team boss Frederic Vasseur, for instance, has pointed out that Guanyu's presence in Formula 1 has not really worked out from a commercial point of view.

Auto Motor und Sport said only two Chinese companies are currently on the Alfa Romeo livery.

"It's not enough for Chinese companies that a compatriot is in Formula 1," Frenchman Vasseur said.

"They only work with you if the performance is right."

Meanwhile, Vasseur made clear that he is opposed to Mercedes' and the FIA's push to make significant anti-'porpoising' rule changes for 2023.

"One change often involves many others, and what we really need is the opposite - stability in the rules to keep costs down," he said.

"Formula 1 teams are famous for creating problems but also solving them."

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7 F1 Fan comments on “No Chinese sponsor boom yet at Alfa Romeo F1 team

  1. shroppyfly

    I might be wrong, but very unlikely , Freddy was bigging up the fact that chowmein sponsors were falling over themselves to have there name on the car, so whats changed Freddy--from the man who had Honda works engine in his hand and cancelled the deal...

    • smokey

      Most organisations in China with big enough budgets to support F1 are State owned by the CCP. They can't afford to keep playing expensive war games and provide finance for F1 at the same time! Sorry Zhou!

  2. CanadianEh

    So, what's going to happen when China invades Taiwan? Will Zhou be invited to leave Haas? Will the Chinese F1 race be cancelled?

    • shroppyfly

      I pray they don't last thing we need are more sanctions, besides that, ive got bits coming from the PRC for my German car and Vacuum (Solution or problem)), just 2 sides of the same fake gold sovereign,ones Gas the other fake BMW X5s

      Easy, just send Kofi Annan in , or whatever the Dame was changing her name too, shell sort it all out


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