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Sainz Stalls: Red Bull or Mercedes? Bottas Unveils Silly Season Strategy

May 5 – Carlos Sainz is the cork in the bottle holding up the next phase in the hectic and early 2025 driver ‘silly..

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5 May 2024

How Stake F1 Team’s Collaboration with Elevates Motorsport Entertainment Through Drifting Spectacles

Motorsport competitions attract huge crowds and fans worldwide. However, for many, racing is as much entertainment as sport. Some racing..

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16 Apr 2024

Audi F1 Team Eyes Different Drivers for Next Season

Mar.8 – Mere hours after reports broke that Audi has completed a 100 percent acquisition of the Sauber team, rumours about the..

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8 Mar 2024

Sauber Launches Their C44 2024 F1 Car!

The launch of Sauber’s 2024 car. The

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5 Feb 2024

Bottas Excited for Next F1 Season with Completely New Sauber

Dec.5 – Alfa Romeo may be disappearing from the team name, but what Sauber really needs for 2024 is a “completely new..

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5 Dec 2023

Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stagnates, Fears Loom Ahead of Audi Transition

Nov.30 – Alfa Romeo, which will revert to its Sauber moniker for 2024 as the naming sponsor departs Formula 1, is merely treading..

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30 Nov 2023

Audi’s Bold Sauber Takeover: Revving Up for 2026 F1 Entry

Nov.15 – Audi is already “pretty involved” with Sauber in anticipation of the Volkswagen-owned German carmaker’s..

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15 Nov 2023

Charades with Zhou Guanyu and Valtteri Bottas

Cue the GIFs. 😅 Find out what unfolded when Valtteri and Zhou took on a classic game of

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20 Oct 2023

Alpine’s Hypercar Temptation: Is Mick Schumacher Leaving F1 for Le Mans?

Sep.15 – The details about Mick Schumacher ‘plan B’ for 2024 are now beginning to emerge. Motorsport Aktuell, a..

15 Sep 2023

Alfa Romeo to Keep Same F1 Drivers Revving for the 2024 Season

The roaring engines and screeching tires of Formula 1 are set to continue their symphony with Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake in the 2024 season...

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14 Sep 2023

Guanyu Zhou’s Future Secured as Bottas Extends Alfa Romeo Contract

Sep.14 – Valtteri Bottas has rubbished any speculation that he might be pushed out of the Alfa Romeo-Sauber team for 2024. Following..


Guanyu Zhou’s Uncertain Future: Can He Secure a 2024 F1 Spot?

Sep.7 – Guanyu Zhou admits he needs to be “careful” not to be pushed off the Formula 1 grid. It is the 24-year-old..

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7 Sep 2023

Franz Tost Indicates Yuki Tsunoda’s Continued Presence in F1 for 2024 Season

Sep.2 – Almost every race cockpit in Formula 1 has already been filled for 2024. Mercedes reserve Mick Schumacher, linked with..

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2 Sep 2023

Contractual Crossroads: Zhou’s Battle to Secure 2024 F1 Seat

Aug.26 – Two current Formula 1 drivers are struggling to hang onto their race cockpits for 2024. One of them is Guanyu Zhou, despite..

26 Aug 2023

F1 Racing Beyond 2023: Zhou’s Drive for a Sauber Long Haul

Aug.23 – Guanyu Zhou sounds confident about his looming contract negotiations with Sauber, the Swiss team currently called Alfa..

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23 Aug 2023

Emoji Challenge with Bottas and Guanyu

Alfa is back with another challenge! This time we’re putting the boys head-to-head in an Emoji Challenge to see who can guess the most..

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15 Aug 2023

Alfa Romeo’s Dilemma: Hold on to Zhou Guanyu or Risk Losing Him?

Jul.30 – Zhou Guanyu will be pushing for a longer contract when talks kick off with Alfa Romeo. The Swiss team Sauber, currently..

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31 Jul 2023

Vying for a spot: Guanyu’s 20 million sponsorship attracts attention

Jul.29 – Sauber, the Formula 1 team currently known as Alfa Romeo, has confirmed that contract talks with Zhou Guanyu are yet to take..

29 Jul 2023

Hulkenberg’s Impressive Form Puts Haas in Contract Dilemma for 2024

Jul.21 – As Nico Hulkenberg cruises towards a new contract with Haas, the American team is not quite ready to decide if Kevin..

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21 Jul 2023

Debate Ignites: Should Iconic Eau Rouge Embrace a 1994-style Chicane?

Jul.10 – Two more prominent Formula 1 figures agree that the treacherous Eau Rouge-Raidillon section at Spa-Francorchamps may need to..

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10 Jul 2023

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