Mar.3 - Mercedes is vowing to "take a closer look" at top Formula 1 rival Red Bull's "interesting" sidepod solution for the all-new 2022 regulations.

While many expected this year's field to all look similar, certain areas of more design freedom - including the sidepods - have led to a surprisingly diverse 2022 grid.

For the sidepod philosophy, the teams have divided into two basic camps: those with long sidepods like Red Bull and Alpine, and the much shorter solutions adopted by Mercedes, McLaren and others.

Mercedes' technical boss Mike Elliot admits he will be taking a "closer look" at what Red Bull has come up with.

"We will take a close look at it and think about it," he confirmed. "We see that many of the teams have interpreted the new regulations quite differently."

The specialist German publication Auto Motor und Sport claims the FIA also has its eye on some of the most innovative interpretations of the new rules.

Reportedly, FIA inspectors checked Red Bull's rear wing in Barcelona.

"From the CAD data to check legality, it is already apparent that some teams are sailing close to the wind with solutions that are not entirely in keeping with the spirit of the regulations," the magazine revealed.

"Ultimately, it is up to the FIA to monitor this and intervene if necessary."

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3 F1 Fan comments on “Mercedes team taking 'closer look' at Red Bull sidepods

  1. Ian

    After last year's appalling season end, it's how the 'sprit of the law' is actually enforced from the get-go that will be the only valid criterion for judging the regulators and regulations in this year of radical change...


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