Jun.10 - Dr Helmut Marko has dismissed rumours that Pierre Gasly could be on the way to Alpine.

Frenchman Gasly, 25, has been pushing for a return to Red Bull's premier team, and his 2021-2022 contract is designed so that he can theoretically race either for the top outfit or AlphaTauri.

But Marko told Auto Motor und Sport that Gasly is staying put.

"The package fits him perfectly at AlphaTauri," he said. "The combination goes well together.

"We still have a contract that lasts for two more years so I don't know where the talk about Renault comes from. Pierre is the ideal ambassador for AlphaTauri as the fashionable Frenchman."

As for Gasly's rookie teammate Yuki Tsunoda, Marko has relocated the erratic 21-year-old from England to Italy to be under the daily supervision of Franz Tost for the rest of the season.

"With more experience, he should get better and better. I expect points from his regularly in the second half of the season," Marko said.

And if there are any new vacancies in the Red Bull driver camp, 78-year-old Marko says there is enough rising young talent to fill those gaps.

"We have a great pool of drivers," Marko insisted.

"You've written that we have no young guys, but (Juri) Vips wins in Formula 2 if the car allows and (Liam) Lawson is absolutely at the forefront.

"So there are many talents from our own ranks who want to drive for Red Bull," he said.

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2 F1 Fan comments on “Marko rejects 'Gasly on his way to Alpine team' rumours

  1. ReallyOldRacer

    "So there are many talents from our own ranks who want to drive for Red Bull," he said."

    Trust me, young racers would drive for John Deere tractor if it gave them a path to F1.

  2. shroppyfly

    I find this interesting , he feels the NEED to say this and also to reiterate that Gasley can drive for redbull if needed, is this in anyway to do with possibly covering off MV going to MB for 22, just weird to me but who knows how Dr Markos mind works, hes a devious old sod lol


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